Merski: Reopen of golf courses, marinas, private campgrounds more steps in the right direction

ERIE, April 28 – State Rep. Bob Merski, D-Erie, praised Gov. Tom Wolf’s decision Monday to permit golf courses, private campgrounds and marinas to reopen and guided fishing trips to resume May 1.

“I supported legislation to permit these businesses to reopen with safety guidelines because I believe the move will help rejuvenate our economy while benefiting residents,” Merski said. “I’m so glad the governor heard us and developed a plan to open these businesses safely.”

Merski said the news, together with last week’s announcement that construction may resume May 1, shows that efforts to combat the spread of COVID-19 are working.

“Erie residents have diligently abided by stay-at-home orders, social distancing and other restrictions, and those measures are working,” he said. “But everyone is feeling the effects of confinement and the tension of uncertainty the pandemic has brought. This latest move to reopen these outdoor businesses brings hope that signs of life will continue returning to the economy while giving residents more opportunities to get out in the sunshine and get some stress-relieving exercise."

Merski emphasized that businesses must abide by updated life-sustaining business guidance, and residents must follow CDC guidance for visiting parks and recreational facilities, including practicing social distancing and good hygiene, staying close to home in the community and remaining home if ill.

Campgrounds in state parks will remain closed through May 14.