McAndrew votes to pass expanded distracted driving legislation

HARRISBURG, April 9 – State Rep. Joe McAndrew, D-Allegheny, applauded the bipartisan passage of legislation in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives today that would expand Pennsylvania’s distracted driving law.


McAndrew, who is a member of the House Transportation Committee, voted in favor of S.B. 37, which would go beyond existing state law prohibiting texting-while-driving by adding most uses of an interactive mobile device while driving to the offense, with a few exceptions.


"Distracted driving is a major threat to public safety and is responsible for 1 in 8 fatal crashes. The dangers from mobile devices go well beyond texting and include activities like drivers watching movies and scrolling on Facebook,” McAndrew said. “By strengthening prohibitions against these activities, we are taking steps to reduce the chance that mobile phone use will result in needless death or injury. Today, with the passage of this legislation, we have taken another step toward saving lives."


The legislation now goes back to the state Senate for agreement before heading to Gov. Josh Shapiro's desk.


Attention editors/assignment desk: Rep. McAndrew is available to discuss his support for this legislation. Please email

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