Rep. Joe McAndrew's Biography

Joe McAndrew was elected to the Pennsylvania House of Representatives in 2023 to represent the 32nd Legislative District in Allegheny County.

Joe grew up in a hard-working family - his mom is a bus garage manager, and his dad is a union mechanic - and he honors the values of hard work in his own career. Joe worked in the private sector as an entrepreneur before more recently serving as the Allegheny County Democratic Committee’s Executive Director and working for Congressman Chris Deluzio. In addition, he brings with him the experience of working in Harrisburg, as he served on the former Democratic House Minority Leader's team from 2012-14.

Joe's public service has crossed over across all communities in his district; he currently resides in Penn Hills, representing the Boroughs of Plum (part), Oakmont, and Verona, as well as the Municipality of Penn Hills.