RSVP for my Environmental Town Hall on April 27

(Apr 19, 2017)

Our climate is changing. 2016 was the nation’s second-warmest year on record and the 20 th straight year the U.S. was warmer than average. But the context in which we’re experiencing climate disruption is also changing. The new administration in Washington, D.C., is taking an aggressive approach in rolling back many previously enacted environmental regulations, which means it’s more crucial than ever that legislators and citizens alike actively engage in issues of climate change at a state level. Please join me and Rep. Steve McCarter in doing exactly that. RSVP below to attend our Environmental Town Hall from 7 to 9 p.m. on Thursday, April 27, in Ambler Borough Hall, 131 Rosemary Ave., Ambler, PA 19002. We will discuss the impact of climate change, environmental protections and regulations nationwide and within Pennsylvania, the impact of budget and regulatory changes on clean air and water, and what you can do to help protect the environment in Pennsylvania. Click here for more information. Read more


4/13/17 – Why Investing In Early Childhood Development Programs Matters? – Merion Station

(Apr 17, 2017)

Testimonies from House Democratic Policy Committee hearing hosted by State Rep. Mary Jo Daley. Read more


Daley: Early Education Critical To Success

(Apr 13, 2017)

Pa. state Rep. Mary Jo Daley hosted a House Democratic Policy Committee hearing to stress the importance of properly funding early childhood education programs in Pennsylvania. Early education is vital for a child's success later in life. Read more


Daley, Policy Committee discuss importance of early childhood education

(Apr 13, 2017)

MERION STATION, April 13 – State Rep. Mary Jo Daley, D-Montgomery, today hosted a House Democratic Policy Committee hearing at Saint Joseph’s University on the importance of investment in early childhood development programs in Pennsylvania. “Children are incredibly impressionable and medical reports consistently state that the most rapid brain development happens between ages 3 and 4. A recent study confirmed that children who did not participate in early learning is 70 percent more likely to be arrested for a violent crime by 18. That number is staggering, and the precise reason why we need to continue to stress the need for investment in early childhood education. I see it as a down payment in our future and I thank the Policy Committee for coming to hear testimony on how and why we should make this investment,” Daley said. House Democratic Policy Committee Chairman Mike Sturla, D-Lancaster, added, “Studies show, time and time again, that early childhood education is worth the investment. Every $1 invested returns $7 back to Pennsylvania. Better prepared children, higher test scores and reduced crime rates are all benefits of that investment. I’ll continue to support investing in our children at this hearing and in our state budget.” Testifiers included Ailene Keys, maternal child health supervisor, Montgomery County Health Department; Nadine Miller, program improvement administrator, Montgomery County Office of Read more


Daley: We Must Regulate Recovery Houses

(Apr 12, 2017)

As Pennsylvania continues to fight the Opioid epidemic, Pa. state Rep. Mary Jo Daley says that we must regulate recovery houses to provide the safest environment for both residents of recovery homes and the surrounding communities. Read more


Daley to host Policy Committee hearing on Why Investing in Early Childhood Development Programs Matters

(Apr 10, 2017)

MERION STATION April 10 – State Rep. Mary Jo Daley, D- Montgomery, will host a House Democratic Policy Committee hearing to discuss the importance of investment in early childhood development programs in Pennsylvania. The hearing will be held at 10 a.m. Thursday, April 13 at Saint Joseph’s University, Cardinal John P. Foley Campus Center, 390 N. Latches Lane. The current agenda is: 10 a.m. Welcome and opening remarks 10:10 a.m. Panel One: Ailene Keys, MSW, LSW , maternal child health supervisor, Montgomery County Health Department Nadine Miller, program improvement administrator, Montgomery County Office of Children and Youth Maggy Saad , parent Cathleen Palm , founder, Center for Children’s Justice 10:50 a.m. Panel Two: Shaun Elliott , president and chief executive officer, Philadelphia Freedom Valley YMCA Zakiyyah Boone , vice president of child care, Philadelphia Freedom Valley YMCA Bruce Clash , Pennsylvania state director, FIGHT CRIME: INVEST IN KIDS 11:30 a.m. Closing remarks Read more


Daley: Mandatory Minimums Do Not Work

(Apr 05, 2017)

Pa. state Rep. Mary Jo Daley took to the House floor to fight against bringing back mandatory minimum sentencing. Daley argues that these laws create a justice system ripe for discrimination and abuse. They allow some prosecutors to use the threat of mandatory minimums to force plea bargains from defendants without quality representation, and to arbitrarily seek longer prison terms for certain defendants and not others. Read more


Daley: Equal Work Deserves Equal Pay

(Apr 04, 2017)

On April 4, Equal Pay Day, Pa. state Rep. Mary Jo Daley rallied at the State Capitol for measures that will ensure women receive equal pay for an equal day's work Read more


Valley Forge PA Legislative Appointment Initiative extended to July 1st

(Apr 03, 2017)

Applicants now have until July 1st each year to apply for the LAI to attend Valley Forge Military College in the fall. There is no difference in process or award amounts between 1st-round nominees and 2nd-round nominees. What is the PA Legislative Appointment Initiative? The Pennsylvania Legislative Appointment Initiative (LAI) currently allows each of Pennsylvania’s 203 Representatives, and 50 Senators, to appoint a student from their district as the Commonwealth Scholar for guaranteed admission and a guaranteed partial scholarship to Valley Forge Military College — The Military College of Pennsylvania. A student awarded the Legislative Appointment Initiative Scholarship may receive the award for up to two years. Am I eligible to apply? The Legislative Scholarship is only available to Pennsylvania residents only at Valley Forge Military College, The Military College of Pennsylvania. The minimum academic requirements are a cumulative high school GPA of 2.50 (on a 4.0 scale) and a combined verbal and math SAT score of 1000 (or an ACT score of 17). You can apply directly through your local state representative’s or senator’s office or you can apply for the program by applying first to Valley Forge. You must be a Pennsylvania resident. You also must be a legal resident of the district from where you apply. When can I apply? You can apply at any time during your senior year up until July 1st of the year you wish to attend. Read more


Daley announces state grant for area sewer renovations

(Mar 30, 2017)

CONSHOHOCKEN, March 30 – Commonwealth Financing Authority this week approved two PA Small Water and Sewer grants to improve and rehabilitate area sewer infrastructure, announced state Rep. Mary Jo Daley, D-Montgomery. One $404,750 grant was awarded to Conshohocken Borough for lining nearly 3,000 feet of 20- and 22-inch sewers in the borough. Another $100,000 grant was awarded to Plymouth Township to replace 800 feet of 10-inch pipe with an 18-inch new sewer main pipe at the Plymouth Road Interceptor and install eight new manholes along the main. “These improvements will help drastically extend the life of sewer infrastructure in the area, and the grant funding helps offset costs to users,” Daley said. “The state recognized a great opportunity to invest in Plymouth and Conshohocken residents and infrastructure.” Under auspices of the Department of Community and Economic Development and backed by the CFA, the PA Small Water and Sewer grant program funds activities to assist with the construction, improvement, expansion, or rehabilitation or repair of a water supply or sanitary sewer system. Eligible projects must have a total project cost between $30,000 and $500,000, and funding is available for municipalities and municipal authorities. Read more


Daley Fights For Most Vulnerable Pennsylvanians

(Mar 23, 2017)

Pa. state Rep. Mary Jo Daley expresses concerns she has over an inheritance tax and the effect it would have on Pennsylvania's most vulnerable people. Read more


Daley to host town hall on redistricting reform March 27

(Mar 21, 2017)

CONSHOHOCKEN , March 21 – State Rep. Mary Jo Daley, D-Montgomery, will co-host a town hall meeting on redistricting with Fair Districts PA at 7 p.m. Monday, March 27 at Colonial Elementary School, 230 Flourtown Road in Plymouth Meeting. “Redistricting 101: A Conversation with Fair Districts PA and Rep. Mary Jo Daley” will feature discussion and a question-and-answer segment. Every 10 years following the most recent U.S. Census, the boundaries of Pennsylvania's state House and Senate districts, as well as its congressional districts, must be redrawn to reflect changes and shifts in population. These plans are drawn by five people – the Democratic and Republican leaders of the House and Senate, and a fifth member selected by the legislative leaders. If the four members are unable to agree on the fifth member of the Legislative Reapportionment Commission, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court selects the final member. According to Daley, who is a member of the State Government Reform Caucus, politics often plays too big of a role in the process, and bringing attention to the matter is the only way to affect change. “Redistricting reform is one of the most important topics we have to deal with in the legislature because it affects nearly every partisan vote we face in session,” she said. “Too often, the party in power has too much influence on drawing political boundaries, and the process becomes nothing more than gerrymandering. Read more


House, Senate Democrats and Wolf administration officials advocate against ill-conceived Republican health care plan

(Mar 09, 2017)

Calling it a dangerous proposition that hasn’t been properly vetted, state Rep. Madeleine Dean, D-Montgomery, was joined today by House and Senate Democrats, as well as officials from Gov. Tom Wolf’s administration, to call on Pennsylvania’s congressional Republicans to reject the Trumpcare plan that would devastate Pennsylvania by increasing the deficit and most importantly, leaving millions without access to adequate health care. Read more


Daley: Recovery Rather Than Incarceration

(Feb 28, 2017)

At today's budget hearings with the state Judiciary and Department of Corrections, Pa. state Rep. Mary Jo Daley comments on the financial and societal savings by helping drug offenders with recovery rather than incarceration. Read more


Daley: Treasury Programs Benefit Pa.

(Feb 23, 2017)

Pa. state Rep. Mary Jo Daley talks about what State Treasurer Joseph Torsella discussed in his testimony before the House Appropriations Committee hearings on the state budget proposal. Read more


Daley Fighting for Equitable Education Funding

(Feb 21, 2017)

As three weeks of House Appropriations Committee public hearings on the state budget begin, Pa. state Rep. Mary Jo Daley explains that one of her priorities in the budget process will be seeking equitable funding for education in Pennsylvania. Read more


Daley: Governor’s Budget Plan A Good First Step

(Feb 07, 2017)

Pa. state Rep. Mary Jo Daley says Governor Tom Wolf’s budget proposal is a common sense plan that makes smart choices to streamline government without compromising services to citizens or raising taxes on the middle class. The next step is the House closely examining the plan in public hearings. Read more


Daley: #RaiseTheWage

(Jan 31, 2017)

Pa. state Rep. Mary Jo Daley emphasizes the need to increase the state's minimum wage to grow the economy for all workers at a House Democratic Policy Committee hearing at the YWCA in Harrisburg. Read more


Daley reminds constituents to register for health care by Tuesday

(Jan 27, 2017)

Citing the importance of having health insurance, state Rep. Mary Jo Daley, D-Montgomery, is reminding constituents today that they only have until 11:59 p.m. on Tuesday, Jan. 31 to register for health insurance through the Affordable Care Act. Read more


Community Connections: Abolition Hall and the Hovenden House spotlighted in video

(Jan 27, 2017)

I am fortunate to represent a district which includes several landmarks listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Two of these important landmarks, Abolition Hall and the Hovenden House, located at the intersection of Butler Pike and Germantown Pike, were instrumental in the abolitionist movement. This short video by PFW media provides a glimpse into the rich history of the landmarks and their pivotal roles in Pennsylvania’s part of the anti-slavery movement. Read more