Women’s Health Caucus agenda invests in a better future for everyone

HARRISBURG, June 7 – With $7 billion in federal American Rescue Plan funding ready to be put to use helping Pennsylvanians, members of the Women’s Health Caucus kicked off “budget month” at the state Capitol today by outlining a positive agenda of investments in issues to help women and grow the economy from the community on up.  

Some of the highlights discussed by the lawmakers included:

  • Targeted job-creation grants for women-owned businesses to be created and expanded in the community.
  • Grants for businesses that could not operate remotely during the pandemic focusing on women-owned and women-operated industries.
  • Startup grants for new and expanded childcare operations, hiring more women and allowing more women to return to the workforce since one of the key barriers to returning to work during the pandemic was the lack of child care, an impact was felt more heavily by mothers.
  • Improving access to care services for people with disabilities, including pay increases for a majority-female workforce providing in-home services.
  • Funding to repair and replace toxic school facilities for children.
  • Education loans and grants for women entering in-demand careers in fields like biotechnology and health care.
  • Creating a Paid Sick Leave program to help workers without hurting truly small businesses that cannot provide leave to workers, especially in industries with mostly women employees.
  • Creating a worker-focused path to retirement for people without an employer plan.

The members of the Women’s Health Caucus stressed the need to get to work now to pass this legislation and other bills that will help women and families with real support -- now and in the future. Learn more at www.pahouse.com/parescueplan.