Agricultural, Environmental, Public Safety, Redevelopment and Additional Grant Opportunities For Your District

(Jul 02, 2024)

NEWLY LISTED PROGRAMS Local Share Account: Monroe County Who May Apply: Municipalities, economic development agencies, or redevelopment authorities within Monroe County or the five contiguous counties to Monroe (Carbon, Lackawanna, Northampton, Pike, and Wayne). Use: Public interest projects, community improvement projects, economic development projects, or roadway improvement projects. Funds: Funded by gross terminal revenues of certain licensed gaming facilities. Application Deadline: September 30, 2024 More information: DCED Website Local Share Account: Category 4 Facilities Program (Berks, Cumberland, Westmoreland, and York Counties) Who May Apply: Municipalities, counties, redevelopment authorities, or economic development agencies in a county hosting a Category 4 licensed gaming facility. Use: Projects in the public interest. Funds: Funded by gaming revenues from Category 4 licensed facilities. Application Deadline: September 30, 2024 More information: DCED Website Local Share Account: Luzerne County Who May Apply: All Luzerne County municipalities and the Luzerne County Redevelopment Authority. Use: Projects in the public interest. Funds: Funded by 2% of gross terminal revenues of certain licensed gaming facilities. Application Deadline: September 30, 2024 More information: DCED Website Local Read more


Secure our rights, pass the Reproductive Freedom Act

(Jun 20, 2024)

Two years ago, in overturning Roe v. Wade, the United States Supreme Court declared that it was for each state to decide just how many rights women ought to have, and how equal we ought to be. Three generations of women had come of age believing that the Constitution guaranteed our freedom to decide motherhood for ourselves, that it was not expected that our primary—and often only—role in the world was motherhood. Read more


Spring 2024 Newsletter

(Jun 03, 2024)

It’s Budget Season in Harrisburg, but that also means summer is heating up! As we debate the budget, I am doing all within my power to guarantee that our district gets all that it needs for the coming fiscal year and to ensure that Pennsylvania government works for all of us. Read more


Grant Memo: Agricultural, Educational, Environmental, Redevelopment and Additional Grant Opportunities

(May 15, 2024)

NEWLY LISTED PROGRAMS Department of Conservation and Natural Resources: Wild Resource Conservation Program Who May Apply: Counties, municipalities, educational institutions, non-profit organizations, conservation districts, and municipal authorities. Individuals, state government agencies, and for-profit businesses may be eligible depending on the project. Use: Grant applications will be accepted for species surveys, conservation, and management. Funds: Funding comes through the Wil Resource Conservation Fund and a portion of the Environmental Stewardship Fund. Grant size varies, but the average grant award is $30,000. Application Deadline: July 1, 2024 More information: DCNR website Department of Community and Economic Development: Neighborhood Assistance Program (NAP) The NAP is broken down into five components: The Neighborhood Assistance Program Tax Credit, the Special Program Priorities, the Neighborhood Partnership Program, the Charitable Food Program, and the Enterprise Zone Program Tax Credit. Please visit the link below for specific information on each component. Who May Apply: Depending on the program, eligible applicants include neighborhood organizations that hold a ruling from the IRS as nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organizations, and organizations operating as food banks, food pantries, or emergency food providers. Use: Use varies by program, but priorities for this funding Read more


Grant Memo: Agricultural, Educational, Environmental, Redevelopment and Additional Grant Opportunities

(May 07, 2024)

NEWLY LISTED PROGRAMS Department of Education: Public School Environmental Repairs Program Who May Apply: School districts, area career and technical schools, charter schools, and regional charter schools that operate school buildings. Use: Eligible projects include, but are not limited to, the remediation and/or abatement of lead in water sources and paint, asbestos, and mold inside school buildings of eligible school entities. Funds: Up to $75 million in state funds will be competitively awarded. There is no minimum funding request. The maximum funding request is $10 million. One application per entity will be accepted, but the application may consist of more than one project in more than one school building. Application Deadline: June 30, 2024 More information: PDE Website Department of Agriculture: Farm-to-School Grant Program Who May Apply: Any school district, school, charter school, private school, or center with pre-K classes, kindergarten classes, elementary classes, or middle school classes through 8 th grade that participates in a Federal Child Nutrition Program. Use: The purpose of the Farm-to-School Program is to educate prekindergartners through eighth graders and their families about the importance of choosing healthy, locally produced foods and increase awareness of Pennsylvania agriculture. Eligible projects will achieve this purpose. Funds: $500,000 is available for Read more


Agricultural, Educational, Safety, Redevelopment and Additional Grant Opportunities

(May 01, 2024)

NEWLY LISTED PROGRAMS Commission on Crime and Delinquency: Indigent Defense Grant Program Who May Apply: Counties Use: Salaries and benefits for staff, recruiting efforts to find/retain staff, training and development courses for staff, efforts to improve data collection, and any cost associated with gaps or needs in providing indigent defense, among other things. Funds: A total of $6,750,000 is expected to fund up to 67 grants (one in each county). Application Deadline: , May 23, 202d4 More information: PCCD Website Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency (via Department of Homeland Security): Nonprofit Security Grant Program Who May Apply: Non-profit organizations may apply as a sub applicant through PEMA. PEMA is the direct applicant to the Department of Homeland Security. Use: Funds are to be used to enhance the protection of soft targets/crowded places. Funds: $274,500,000 in federal funds are available for this national funding opportunity. $3,277,500 in funding is targeted toward Pennsylvania. Application Deadline: May 29, 2024, at 5 p.m. More information: PEMA Website Historical and Museum Commission: Historical & Archival Records Care Grant Who May Apply: Local government entities and nonprofit organizations Use: Projects must relate to some aspect of Pennsylvania’s history and funds may be used for preservation of Read more


The Reproductive Freedom Act

(Apr 16, 2024)

In the past two months, not only did Arizona’s Supreme Court allow for the enforcement of an anti-abortion law dating back to the Civil War banning virtually all abortions, but Alabama’s Supreme Court managed a de-facto ban on in-vitro fertilization, which the state legislature swiftly tried to reverse by passing a law unlikely to pass constitutional muster. Read more


Shredding Events

(Mar 14, 2024)

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Winter 2024 Newsletter

(Jan 29, 2024)

Dear Neighbor,With the new year already well underway, I wanted to provide an update on the exciting and important legislation I’m working on in Harrisburg, as wellas ensure you are aware of the many services my office provides right here in the district. Read more


Holiday Closures, New Years Open House & more!

(Dec 21, 2023)

Happy Holidays! In observance, my District Office will be closed Friday, December 22nd through Monday, December 25th! Read more


Community Center Grand Opening, Fishing Licenses, & Road Safety

(Dec 01, 2023)

This past Wednesday, the Great Valley Community Center in East Whiteland Township celebrated its grand opening. This new recreation space is set to host youth sports activities, as well as adult and senior programs for the Great Valley region. Read more


Fall 2023 Newsletter

(Nov 28, 2023)

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New Pollinator License Plate to Support Habitat Program

(Nov 20, 2023)

“Protecting our pollinators is imperative,” Howard said. “By creating roadside native grass and perennial wildflower-filled habitats along our state highways, we will not only reduce maintenance costs, but beautify our state and protect our crops.”  Read more


Bipartisan Anti-Hate Crime Bills Pass House

(Nov 03, 2023)

Pennsylvania saw a sharp increase in hate crimes in 2021, with 255 reported last year, according to data maintained by the Pennsylvania State Police. That’s more than any other year since cases began being tracked in 1997 and almost as many as the previous three years combined. Read more


Howard applauds local school for national recognition

(Sep 20, 2023)

“I am especially proud that the Saints Philip and James School has received this recognition,” Howard said. “The hard-working students and teachers all deserve praise for this honor. The fact that a school in the 167th District was worthy of being called one of the best academic schools in the country, it fills me with pride.” Read more


HB 841 passes the House & DCNR wants to hear from you!

(Jul 21, 2023)

Dear Friends,I want to provide you with an exciting update from Harrisburg, as well as share some news about a new park in our area. I hope you are having a fun and relaxing summer. Read more


Howard’s Juvenile DNA collection bill passes PA House

(Jul 06, 2023)

HARRISBURG, July 6 – State Rep. Kristine Howard, D-Chester, said she is proud to announce the passage of her legislation (H.B. 841) in the state House of Representatives today. House Bill 841 would restrict DNA collection from juveniles to those convicted, or adjudicated delinquent of, serious sexual and violent offenses such as murder and rape. The bill would also require the automatic expungement of DNA previously collected for juveniles at the time the applicable offense becomes eligible for expungement. Currently, DNA is collected from juveniles for a host of felonies and misdemeanors, many minor. Howard said that DNA expungement is not automatic, leaving the burden on individuals whose requests are rarely granted, unlike the sealing of juvenile records as a matter of course. “The juvenile justice system was intended to prioritize rehabilitation over punishment,” Howard said. “However, the overuse of juvenile DNA collection conflicts with the rehabilitative purposes of the juvenile system. My legislation gets rid of this conflict and instead further promotes rehabilitation, which is what our justice system should be focused on. I thank my colleagues for sharing this goal and pushing this bill to the state Senate.” The bill now heads to the Senate for consideration. Read more


Independence Day hours and Fireworks Safety

(Jun 30, 2023)

Hello Neighbor, While we have had a busy week in Harrisburg, I wanted to take time and wish you a happy holiday and provide some tips for your celebrations. Read more


Rep. Kristine Howard on one year anniversary of the Dobbs Decision

(Jun 24, 2023)

A year ago, the supposedly independent Supreme Court overturned half a century’s worth of case law, thereby stripping young women of rights their mothers and grandmothers had. Read more


REAL ID & Veterans resources

(Jun 09, 2023)

Hello Neighbor, I wanted to share some updates from PennDOT and Governor Shapiro. Please make sure to take advantage of these services that are available. Read more