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Howard, Chancellor Greenstein to discuss PASSHE integration March 10

(Feb 23, 2021)

HARRISBURG, Feb. 23 – State Rep. Kristine Howard will hold a virtual event on the proposed integration of the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education with Chancellor Daniel Greenstein from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m. March 10 at www.RepKHoward.com . “The PASSHE system has offered high quality, higher education to Pennsylvanians for decades, but the rising cost of education has either closed the doors to higher education for many potential students or required others to incur high levels of debt,” Howard said. “The proposed merger of some universities in the PASSHE system promises to strengthen the organization, enabling it to continue to provide affordable, quality higher education to Pennsylvanians and their families for years to come .” PASSHE is exploring two possible mergers – the integration of the California-Clarion-Edinboro and the Bloomsburg-Lock Haven-Mansfield schools. Each combination would operate as a single accredited entity with a single leadership, faculty, enrollment management strategy, and budget while honoring local identity.? This month, Greenstein gave the integration progress report to the PASSHE Board of Governors at its meeting, and the b oard will give its response to the plans at its April meeting. If the plans are approved, they will be the focus of two public hearings and a 60-day public comment period. The b oard will review the comments and decide whether to give Read more


Howard virtual mental health resource fair Feb. 4

(Jan 14, 2021)

HARRISBURG, Jan. 14 – State Rep. Kristine Howard will hold a virtual mental health resource fair at 6 p.m. Feb. 4 at www.RepKHoward.com . Howard will be joined by Colleen Drake, Foundations Behavioral Health; Trooper Jessica L. Tobin , Pennsylvania State Police; Erin Matthews, Holcomb Behavioral Health; Tanya B. Dyson , Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health ; Wendy Gaynor, Chester County Food Bank; Lisa Fowler, Theraplay Inc.; and Liia Richmond, Child Guidance Resources Center. “Many people have been affected by the pandemic due to increased financial insecurity and social isolation, to name just two,” Howard, D-Chester, said. “I’m holding this virtual mental health resource fair with subject matter experts to give people ways to improve their mental health during this period.” The event will be livestreamed on www.RepKHoward.com . Those interested in learning about the fair can call her district office at 610-251-1070. Read more


Howard announces committee appointments for 2021-22 session

(Jan 11, 2021)

HARRISBURG, Jan. 11 – State Rep. Kristine Howard announced today her committee appointments for the 2021-22 session are to the Agriculture & Rural Affairs, Children & Youth, State Government and the Veterans Affairs & Emergency Preparedness committees. “I am proud to have these opportunities to use my expertise and experience to shape and advocate for legislation that will improve the lives of all Pennsylvanians, from our youngest citizens to our esteemed veterans,” said Howard, D-Chester. “I’ll be a voice for our farmers who grow the food on our tables, and for every single Pennsylvanian by ensuring the security of our elections. “As a former child welfare investigator, I’m very glad I will continue serving on the Children & Youth Committee, as the well-being and safety of the most vulnerable members of our society are very close to my heart. “As an American committed to our constitutional right to free and fair elections, I will work to ensure that our elections are safe, secure and beyond question. As a supporter of Pennsylvania’s great agriculture industry, I will guarantee we have legislation that both regulates and protects agriculture in PA. As someone who cares deeply about the welfare of our veterans, I will strive to pass legislation that addresses their needs.” The description of the committees on which Howard will serve are the Read more


Howard takes oath for second term

(Jan 05, 2021)

HARRISBURG, Jan. 5 – State Rep. Kristine Howard took the oath of office at the state Capitol today, beginning her second term representing the 167th District in Chester County. The noon swearing-in ceremony marked the beginning of the 2021-22 session of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives. Washington County Judge Brandon Neuman, a former House member, administered the oath of office. Howard served as Democratic secretary of the House Children & Youth Committee during the 2019-20 legislative session. Howard said she will focus on access to COVID-19 relief, affordable health care and prescription medication, environmental protection, opioid disaster relief, women’s reproductive rights, affordable higher education, and government transparency in the new term. She will receive committee assignments later in the month. “So many people are struggling right now,” Howard said. “I’m here to serve you and make sure that you, your family, your business and your community have the resources needed, not just to survive this pandemic, but to thrive. Don’t hesitate to reach out to me.” Howard said her office can help with a variety of state-related services, including home heating, children’s health insurance, prescription drug and property tax/rent rebate assistance. Her office phone number is 610-251-1070 . Residents also can learn more about Read more


Howard announces $1.5 million in state grants

(Dec 23, 2020)

MALVERN, Dec. 23 -- State Rep. Kristine Howard, D-Chester, announced today $1.5 million in state grants from the Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program has been awarded to West Whiteland Township to construct a new 44,000-square-foot public works facility. "This grant is great news for West Whiteland," said Howard, "not only in terms of economic growth, but also in the improved health and safety of township residents that will be made possible by the consolidation of public works resources." The representative thanked Gov. Tom Wolf for his assistance in making the grants available. RACP projects are authorized in the Redevelopment Assistance section of a Capital Budget Itemization Act, have a regional or multi-jurisdictional impact, and generate substantial increases or maintain current levels of employment, tax revenues or other measures of economic activity. Read more


Howard to host virtual workshop on Pennie health insurance marketplace

(Dec 11, 2020)

MALVERN, Dec. 11 – State Rep. Kristine Howard, D-Chester, will host a virtual workshop with the Pennsylvania Health Access Network on the Affordable Care Act and Pennie , the state’s new health insurance marketplace, at 3 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 15. “Pennie, the state’s new insurance marketplace, offers Pennsylvanians high quality, affordable health care coverage that meets their needs,” Howard said. “Deadlines are approaching, so I wanted to have this workshop where residents can learn about Pennie’s different plans and get their questions answered.” Pennsylvanians seeking individual health insurance coverage for 2021 through the Affordable Care Act will use Pennie.com instead of Healthcare.gov. Open enrollment runs through Jan. 15, but Dec. 15 is the last day to enroll for coverage to start in January. Coverage will begin in February for anyone who enrolls between Dec. 16 and Jan. 15. Anyone interested can watch the workshop at www.pahouse.com/Howard . Questions can be emailed in advance to RepHoward@pahouse.net and will be taken during the event. Anyone who needs more information should contact Howard’s office at (610) 251-1070 . Read more


Howard and Williams announce $1.78M in state grants to Chester County

(Dec 09, 2020)

MALVERN/COATESVILLE, Dec. 9 -- State Reps. Kristine Howard and Dan Williams, both D-Chester, announced today that the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency awarded $1.78 million in state grants to Chester County. “Women and children are among the most vulnerable members of our society, and we must do all we can to help them during the pandemic,” Howard said. “This state grant money will provide assistance to county and nonprofit organizations alike so they can continue to provide a safe harbor and a hopeful future to victims of violence.” “Life for parolees is challenging at the best of times, but during the pandemic, things have gotten so much harder,” Williams said. “This state funding will help Chester County’s Improvement of Adult Probation Services program aid our parolees during this critical period and so reduce recidivism, thus making our communities safer for all.” The breakdown of the awards is as follows: CAPPAC - Improvement of Adult Probation Services Funds The County Adult Probation and Parole Advisory Committee (CAPPAC) serves in an advisory capacity to PCCD to ensure reasonable and efficient administration on all matters pertaining to the Pennsylvania County Adult Probation and Parole System. Chester County Improvement of Adult Probation Services $533,144 VSAC - Federal STOP Violence Against Women Formula Read more


State lawmakers call for end to family deportations from Berks ICE facility

(Dec 02, 2020)

Legislators ask for release of families, children in face of COVID pandemic, unsanitary conditions Read more


Howard Fall 2020 NL

(Nov 18, 2020)

Howard Fall 2020 NL Read more


Howard: $362K in school safety grants for local schools

(Nov 17, 2020)

HARRISBURG, Nov. 17 – State Rep. Kristine Howard, D-Chester, announced today that $362,025 in Safe Schools grants were awarded to local schools to purchase safety and security-related equipment. “It is more critical than ever before that our students have a safe learning environment in which to learn and grow,” Howard said. “The Safe Schools grants will ensure our students are able to learn in a productive and safe environment.” The following schools received funding for equipment: Great Valley School District $25,000 Villa Maria Academy High School $16,784 Church Farm School $23,716 Bishop Shanahan High School $ 20,430 Assumption B.V.M. $16,318 Pope John Paul II $20,937 SS Peter and Paul $24,937 St. Norbert $22,093 Upland Country Day School $24,923 Windsor Christian Academy $19,693 Woodlynde School $17,588 West Chester School District $24,606 Downingtown School District $25,000 The following school district received funding for School Resource Officer: West Chester Area School District $60000 The following school district received funding for safety programs: West Chester School District $20,000 The Read more


My statement on the Devereux child abuse scandal

(Oct 26, 2020)

In August, the Philadelphia Inquirer published an investigative piece on a disturbing series of incidents of sexual abuse occurring at Devereux over a period of many years, and in several states. Since I have worked in child welfare as a volunteer child advocate for children in foster care in Philadelphia and, more recently, as a child abuse investigator for Chester County Children Youth and Families, I have known of Devereux. I cannot say that I expected these revelations, but I cannot say that they are surprising. In the child welfare and social work field, work in institutional care is not preferred, and like other aspects of child welfare work, is subject to burnout among staff. I have a constituent who sends me almost daily communications about staffing issues in the behavioral health field, with the concern being that there are steadily decreasing qualifications for work with children, the disabled, in special education, etc. Indeed, the Inquirer article pointed out that employees at Devereux were paid $14.86 per hour in 2020, a raise from $12.50. To put that in context, my 17-year-old just started his first job, at Target, earning $15 per hour stocking shelves. While that work is necessary, I think we can all agree that the full-time care of children with special needs is a job that should be able to offer greater incentives to bring in qualified people than Target, especially when Devereux charges as much as $84,000 per client. Read more


Howard introduces bill to help improve people’s credit ratings

(Oct 23, 2020)

MALVERN, Oct. 23 – State Rep. Kristine Howard, D-Chester, introduced H.B. 2932 which would require public utility companies to offer customers the option of reporting their monthly payments to credit bureaus to demonstrate a history of on-time recurring payments. “The economic fallout caused by the pandemic has caused many consumers to miss payments, hurting their credit scores,” Howard said. “Consumers striving to establish or repair their credit find an unbalanced system only reporting negative, delinquent payments, while other on-time payments go unreported. “My bill would help consumers build up good credit by requiring that public utilities offer their customers the choice of opting to have their utility payments reported to credit reporting agencies, including timely payments. This measure will allow consumers to opt-in at any time, with no restrictions or expiration date.” According to Howard, Experian was the first credit reporting agency to offer consumers the ability to have on-time utility and rent payments credited to their report to improve their credit score, but the other agencies have yet to offer anything similar. “It’s time we change this credit reporting system to benefit hardworking consumers who pay utility bills on time. My bill would provide a lifeline and help people recover from the financial crisis caused by the pandemic,” Howard said. The bill has been referred to the House Consumer Read more


State grant programs open for applications

(Oct 15, 2020)

STATE GRANT PROGRAMS NOW OPEN FOR APPLICATIONS: Pennsylvania Department of Drug and Alcohol: Police Diversion to Treatment (Funding Source: Federal Funding ) Who May Apply : Single county authorities (county drug and alcohol offices). Use : To establish or expand a treatment diversion program for individuals with an opioid use disorder who are arrested. Funds : Approximately five to ten awards up to $300,000 each will be awarded. Application Deadline : October 23 at 12 PM. More Information : Click on https://www.ddap.pa.gov/Documents/Funding%20documents/FIA%2020-04%20Police%20Diversion%20to%20Treatment.pdf . Pennsylvania Department of Drug and Alcohol: Pregnancy Support Services (Funding Source: Federal Funding ) Who May Apply : Community service providers able to serve pregnant and postpartum women with stimulant or opioid misuse issues. Single County Authorities (county drug and alcohol offices) are not eligible to apply. Use : To provide pregnancy support services or make referrals to aid pregnant and postpartum women with opioid use disorder. Funds : Five to eight grants up to $400,000 each will be awarded for one-year projects. There is a possibility of a one-year renewal. Application Deadline : October 30 at 12 PM. More Information : Click on https://www.ddap.pa.gov/Documents/Funding%20documents/GIFA%2020-05%20Pregnancy%20Support%20Service.pdf Read more


Howard, Williams announce $510K in COVID-19 grants

(Oct 09, 2020)

MALVERN/COATESVILLE, Oct. 9 – State Reps. Kristine Howard and Dan Williams, both D-Chester, announced today that area Chester County fire and EMS agencies will receive a total of $510,110 in grants to offset some of the impact that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on their operations. Through Act 26, the state made $50 million in grants available to fire and emergency medical service organizations that were affected by the pandemic. The funding must be used for operational and equipment expenses. “Firefighters and EMS workers put their own lives at risk every day to save others, and so supporting our fire companies and EMS agencies is a priority for me,” Howard said. “I’m glad that our local fire and emergency medical service organizations are receiving this funding to continue to safely perform their jobs.” Williams said, “Our firepersons and EMS workers are among the heroes of the pandemic. I’m proud to have voted for this legislation, which helps these frontline workers carry out the essential work they do in our communities.” The grants awarded are as follows: Alert Fire Company No 1 $23,699 City of Coatsville Bureau of Fire $24,794 East Whiteland Township Volunteer Fire Association $25,342 Malvern Fire Company $25,342 Minquas Fire Company No 2 Inc $21,094 Read more


CARES assistance programs for Pa. renters and homeowners are restarted

(Oct 05, 2020)

People have until Nov. 4 to submit their applications HARRISBURG – Governor Tom Wolf today issued an emergency order suspending the statutory deadline provision in the COVID Relief-Mortgage and Rental Assistance Grant Program. The deadline under section 191-C(g)(3) of Act 24 of 2020 originally scheduled for Sept. 30 was stayed by the governor, effective today, for 30 days until Nov. 4, 2020, in order for the program to be able to continue accepting applications. The governor’s order is available at: https://www.phfa.org/forms/pacares/executiveorder/mortgage-rental-assistance-program-order.pdf. The CARES assistance programs for Pennsylvania renters and homeowners have been reopened and will be accepting applications until Nov. 4. All eligibility requirements remain the same as they were when the programs ended on Sept. 30. Work will continue on applications submitted prior to Oct. 1, and new applications will be added to the pool of submissions undergoing review. Renters and homeowners who were financially impacted by the economic slowdown related to the coronavirus pandemic can immediately access applications for rent and mortgage relief via the Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency’s website at www.PHFA.org. They should look for the red CARES banner on the PHFA homepage. PHFA is administering both programs. “We appreciate this extra time to help more Pennsylvanians receive rental and mortgage assistance and maintain their housing,” said PHFA Read more


Howard: Pennsylvania women need the ACA

(Oct 01, 2020)

MALVERN, Oct. 1 – State Rep. Kristine Howard, D-Chester, joined Gov. Tom Wolf and state Sen. Tim Kearney, D-Chester/Delaware, to stress the necessity for affordable health care coverage for Pennsylvanians, especially during an unprecedented pandemic. “The Affordable Care Act has been a lifeline for hundreds of thousands of Pennsylvanians during the COVID-19 pandemic,” Howard said. “But this lifeline could soon be severed if a radical change to the Supreme Court leads to the end of the Affordable Care Act and the legal precedent of Roe v. Wade. “If that happens, thousands of Pennsylvanians would lose their health care and women would lose their right to make their own choices in matters of reproductive health. “Pennsylvania cannot afford to lose life-saving and life-sustaining health care during this moment of crisis.” During the news conference, the governor, Howard and Kearney discussed the coverage and protections the ACA provides for women and outlined the importance of preserving the law so it can continue to protect the health and safety of Pennsylvanians. The future of the ACA is under threat as the Supreme Court is currently scheduled to hear arguments in Trump administration-supported litigation challenging a key part of the ACA, and the Supreme Court itself may soon have an additional probable vote against the ACA in the form of President Trump’s Read more


Howard: Human Services Committee to receive update on care of children at Devereux facilities, Sept. 29 at 9 a.m.

(Sep 28, 2020)

MALVERN, Sept. 28 – State Rep. Kristine Howard, D-Chester, as a member of the Pennsylvania House Human Services Committee, will hear an update regarding the steps taken to improve the care of children residing at Devereux Behavioral Health facilities in the state at 9 a.m. Tuesday, Sept. 29 in the Irvis Office Building, Harrisburg. In August, the Philadelphia Inquirer brought attention to abuse of children with special needs at Devereux facilities through a lengthy investigative piece about the abuse of children with special needs at some Devereux facilities. Following its own investigation, the city of Philadelphia announced last week that it will remove the 53 children it had placed in Devereux facilities. “ As a former child abuse investigator, I am greatly distressed by the allegations of the abuse of vulnerable children by Devereux employees who should have been the guardians of their welfare and by the organization’s gross mismanagement which allowed these horrors to repeatedly occur ,” Howard said. “I’m eager to find out what steps Devereux has taken to improve the care of children living in their facilities at the Human Services Committee tomorrow.” Questions can be submitted to RepHoward@pahouse.net or via phone at (484) 200-8271 . Read more


Howard: State grant awarded to Malvern Borough’s Quann Park

(Sep 24, 2020)

MALVERN, Sept. 24 – State Rep. Kristine Howard today announced that the Horace J. Quann Memorial Park in Malvern Borough has received a $92,500 grant from the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources. The grant money will be used to support the c onstruction of a pedestrian walkway and stormwater management measures, installation of fencing and ADA access, and enhancements of the park’s landscaping and other related site improvements. “Quann Park is a beloved community site in Malvern Borough, where people from all walks of life can gather to participate in a variety of athletic activities,” Howard said. “I’m glad this money will open up the space for walkers and provide ADA access so that more people can enjoy this wonderful park.” Horace J. Quann Memorial Park is 1.6 acres and is known as an active recreation area for residents. It supports baseball and basketball and has an open space for volleyball and other activities. It is located at First and Warren avenues, across from Malvern Borough Hall. The money is from DCNR’s 2020 Community Conservation Partnerships Program grants . The DCNR Recreation and Conservation grant program is funded with a variety of state and federal funding sources including, the Keystone Recreation, Park and Conservation Fund (Key 93) which includes Key-Community and Key-Land Trust; the Environmental Stewardship Fund; the federal Land Read more


Howard comments on DEP order for Sunoco to reroute pipeline

(Sep 11, 2020)

MALVERN, Sept. 11 – State Rep. Kristine Howard today released the following statement in response the Department of Environmental Protection’s order for Sunoco to reroute its planned pipeline. “Today, the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection ordered Sunoco to reroute its planned pipeline route, and further assess, investigate, and restore resources impacted by the Mariner East II pipeline in Upper Uwchlan Township. This is a tremendous first step towards ensuring Sunoco is held accountable,” Howard said. “The administrative order comes in response to a drilling fluid spill, an industrial waste, and the creation of a 15-foot wide by 8-foot deep subsidence, adversely impacting wetlands, two tributaries to Marsh Creek Lake, and the lake itself. “Sunoco has been required to suspend all work related to the horizontal directional drilling (HDD) site that caused the impacts, referred to as HDD 290, until the DEP provides further authorization. Work to prevent erosion and sedimentation, as well as work to prevent additional pollution, will continue. “While the DEP works to hold Sunoco accountable to the fullest extent possible under our current laws and regulations, I will continue seeking legislative means to increase communication efforts, transparency and safety regulations,” she said. Read more


Howard to host virtual Town Hall on voting Monday, Sept. 14

(Sep 04, 2020)

MALVERN, Sept. 4 – State Rep. Kristine Howard, D-Chester, will host a virtual Town Hall at 4:30 p.m. Monday, Sept. 14 to discuss voting in the upcoming general election in November with Chester County Commissioner Marian Moskowitz and state Rep. Kevin Boyle, D-Phila. “This virtual Town Hall will explain recent changes in election law, such as mail-in voting, as well as the efforts being taken to ensure a secure election,” Howard said. “Commissioner Moskowitz, state Representative Boyle and I look forward to answering residents’ questions about voting .” The event will be livestreamed at www.PaHouse.com/Howard . Questions can be submitted at RepHoward@pahouse.net ahead of the event or during it. Answers to those questions will be shared during the Town Hall. Read more