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(Jun 04, 2021)

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Policy Committee vets Fiedler, Krajewski’s administrative fix that would have major impacts on Pa. renters

(Jun 02, 2021)

HARRISBURG, June 2 – Today’s roundtable discussion hosted by state Rep. Rick Krajewski further cemented the need for action on how eviction records are handled in Pennsylvania. Krajewski was joined by state Rep. Elizabeth Fiedler, chair of the Subcommittee on Progressive Policies for Working People and members of the House Democratic Policy Committee to discuss how eviction proceedings impact tenants long-term and shared how their legislation would establish eviction expungement procedures. Fiedler explained: “I’m proud to hold his hearing to draw attention to a bill I have, with Rep. Krajewski, that would give people who have faced eviction through no fault of their own, the chance to have their record sealed and move on with their life. An eviction filing can lead to a domino effect of traumatic life-changing events that start with losing your home, and can include losing your community, your support system, your children’s school, your employment and more. We need to do everything we can as a society to prevent that from happening to adults, senior citizens, children and all families.” The committee heard testimony from Catherine Anderson, supervising attorney, eviction diversion program, Philadelphia Legal Assistance; Gale Schwartz, associate director, policy and strategic initiatives, Housing Alliance of Pennsylvania; Anne Wright, chief technology officer, RentHelpPgh; Nicolás Pastore, former legislative intern, Read more


Protections for renters, eviction sealing focus of Wednesday virtual roundtable hosted by Krajewski, Fiedler

(May 28, 2021)

HARRISBURG, May 28 – State Rep. Rick Krajewski, D-Phila., is working on legislation to help people with evictions on their record and the Subcommittee on Progressive Policies for Working People will explore how eviction sealing would impact landlords and tenants. The roundtable discussion will be held at 1 p.m. Wednesday, June 2. The media and public are invited to watch online at or on the committee’s Facebook page--@PADemPolicy. Media inquiries may be submitted via email to . Subcommittee Chair Elizabeth Fiedler and members of the House Democratic Policy Committee will join Krajewski for the roundtable discussion that will include how current law negatively impacts tenants and protects bad-acting landlords and how the proposed legislation would tackle that using a commonsense approach to ensure Pennsylvanians have access to safe housing. Information about this and other House Democratic Policy Committee hearings can be found at . Read more


South Philly Update & COVID-19 Resources

(May 28, 2021)

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Miss my latest Telephone Town Hall? Listen to the discussion here.

(May 28, 2021)

Find out what your friends & neighbors had to say about the issues that matter to our communities. Read more


South Philly Update & COVID-19 Resources

(May 14, 2021)

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South Philly Update & COVID-19 Resources

(May 08, 2021)

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Fiedler: Better Health and Safety with #PaRescuePlan

(May 06, 2021)

Pa. state Rep. Elizabeth Fiedler talks about how the Pennsylvania Rescue Plan would lead to safer schools, better health and wellness of seniors, and additional hazard pay for frontline workers and their families. Health and safety are priorities in the Pa. Rescue Plan. Read more


South Philly Update & COVID-19 Resources

(Apr 30, 2021)

New grants and a grant seminar, COVID-19 vaccine status and resources, highlights from Harrisburg, and the Community Calendar. Read more


Fiedler brings COVID-19 updates, discussion to town hall

(Apr 30, 2021)

HARRISBURG, April 30 – State Rep. Elizabeth Fiedler, D-Phila., hosted a virtual town hall meeting Thursday, bringing Philadelphia Department of Public Health representatives and an infectious disease expert together to provide guidance and answer questions related to COVID-19 for residents of her South Philadelphia district. “This is an important resource for our neighbors,” Fiedler said. “We are not at the finish line with this pandemic, but we know the steps we need to take to make more progress and save lives. What we do now can still affect the outcome of this pandemic. Public health guidance continues to change as scientists learn more and as both vaccine doses and vaccination rates increase. I wanted to make sure the residents of my district had the opportunity to hear where we are now and to get their questions answered.” Jefferson’s Dr. John Zurlo and Dr. Julianne Burns with the Philadelphia Department of Public Health provided information on where the city is in terms of the pandemic; the safety of COVID-19 vaccines, including dispelling myths; and precautions people should continue to take after vaccination. They also answered COVID-related questions from those attending. In speaking about the importance of getting vaccinated, Burns stressed, “We’re not done with this pandemic... If you are vaccinated, you have such a lower likelihood of spreading the virus to other people, you Read more


Rep. Fiedler announces state grant for building improvements at Ford PAL Center

(Apr 29, 2021)

PHILADELPHIA, April 29 -- State Rep. Elizabeth Fiedler, D-Phila., with city and state partners, came together to fund physical improvements to the Ford PAL Recreation Center on Snyder Ave. Fiedler and PAL’s leadership secured a $60,000 grant from the DCED Keystone Communities program to do necessary roof and building improvements at the center. “I am excited to bring this money to South Philly! I want to make sure the building is a safe space for all the community activities, sports, and events that are held here,” Fiedler said. “The Ford PAL Recreation Center is a community hub that offers free, enriching athletic and educational programming for youth ages 6-18 in South Philadelphia.” The officials recognized the hard work put in by leaders to support neighborhood families. The Ford PAL Recreation center has been a crucial community partner over the years, but has especially stepped up during the COVID-19 pandemic. April Thomas-Jones, executive director of Philly PAL said of the project, “Providing equal access begins with open doors, we are thankful for the support of our elected officials, community leaders and partners for their contributions which allowed us to put a new roof on our Ford PAL Center. Our doors can remain open to serve our young people and continue our core goal.” On March 13 Fiedler, Councilmember Mark Squilla, and representatives from Ford PAL Center, Bruce Baldwin, April Read more


Spring 2021 Newsletter to Constituents

(Apr 26, 2021)

Read about my upcoming events and more in my spring 2021 newsletter to constituents. Read more


State grant awarded to recreation project in 184th District

(Apr 22, 2021)

HARRISBURG, April 22 – State Rep. Elizabeth Fiedler, D-Phila., announced a $68,751 Commonwealth Financing Authority grant was awarded to the Southeast Youth Athletic Association for the installation of lights at its baseball field. “SEYAA is a multi-sport volunteer organization that has served kids from south Philly, and across the region, for over 25 years,” Fiedler said. “They reach more than 800 kids through their baseball programs. This investment will allow them to continue to meet the needs of the families that they serve, enabling extended programing beyond daylight hours to keep up with the growing size of their community leagues. This project represents an important pillar of their overall vision to modernize their fields, to ensure the children who participate in their programs have a safe and sustainable place to play.” "SEYAA is so grateful and elated to receive this grant,” said Joann McAfree, SEYAA administrator. “State Representative Elizabeth Fiedler and Senator Nikil Saval assisted us in achieving this great goal. We now can light our main baseball field which never had lights. This will allow for more playing time for our older divisions. It is an accomplishment that we have been trying to reach for the past 20 years.” The Commonwealth Financing Authority was established in 2004 as an independent agency of the Department of Community and Economic Development to Read more


Local progressive elected officials respond to Chauvin verdict

(Apr 20, 2021)

PHILADELPHIA, April 20 -- A coalition of local progressive elected officials issued the following statement on the unanimous guilty verdicts in the Derek Chauvin case, and called for systemic change through a new vision of public safety that ends the continual increasing of police budgets, instead investing in communities and public services that prevent violence in all forms. State Sen. Nikil Saval, City Councilmembers Helen Gym, Kendra Brooks and Jamie Gauthier, and State Reps. Elizabeth Fiedler, Rick Krajewski and Chris Rabb issued the following statement: “The violence that was done to George Floyd was simultaneously singular and universal. It was violence enacted on his body, and it was violence done to a family, to a community, to a nation, and to an entire world. The jury’s verdicts signify that the murder committed has been recognized as such by the State: a murder. “This is a reflection of ‘justice’ in accordance with our current systems. But these verdicts alone do not bring healing to a grieving family and to Black and Brown communities across our country. They do not right the fundamental injustice that George Floyd should be alive today. And they do not change the reality that throughout our city and country today, people feel unsafe in their own communities. People feel unsafe because housing is insecure, their families struggle paycheck to paycheck, and if violence happens, few structural supports Read more


Community Book Drive and Resource Fair

(Apr 17, 2021)

PHILADELPHIA, April 17 — Councilmember Kendra Brooks, state Rep. Elizabeth Fiedler, state Sen. Nikil Sava and community partners Book Smiles, PGW, PECO, Revzilla, and Caring for Friends, collaborated to hold a Community Book Drive and Resource Fair from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday, April 17 at John H. Taggart Elementary, 400 W. Porter St. "As Philadelphia recovers from the difficulties of this past year, it is critical that we bring resources, information, and supports directly to families,” said Brooks (At-Large). “Neighborhood-based events like these are the foundation of building strong communities and providing our young people with bright futures. I am proud to work with my state colleagues and Taggart Elementary School on this great event.” At this fair, community members picked-up free grocery boxes, book bags, donated age-appropriate books and resources and information for families. “Families are still struggling in South Philadelphia. I am happy to collaborate with my colleagues Councilmember Kendra Brooks and State Senator Nikil Saval to provide needed resources and information for families,” Fiedler said. Representatives from both Brooks’ and Fiedler’s offices provided information and resources at the fair. Read more


Rep. Fiedler and Sen. Saval join Unemployment Town Hall 4/8/21

(Apr 09, 2021)

PHILADELPHIA, April 9 – State Rep. Elizabeth Fiedler and State Sen. Nikil Saval held a virtual Town Hall to help constituents navigate the unemployment compensation systems. Many people have applied for the first time, during the past year, and continue to have frustrating and slow interactions with the system. Rep. Fiedler said the decision to hold the event was based on need in the community. “We’ve been helping thousands of people across our district in South Philadelphia get the benefits they are owed.” In many cases, Rep. Fiedler said, people are waiting for weeks or months. “It’s ridiculous that our neighbors have to wait so long for this money. The last year has been very hard for a lot of people. On top of health, safety and education concerns, many people who lost their jobs have struggled to pay their bills. While my staff and I continue to work very hard to advocate for our constituents, and for large system improvements, I was glad to co-host this virtual event as an additional step to get people information about the system, its challenges, and how we can help.” Sen Saval shared, “Since my office opened on Dec. 1st, our staff has made thousands of calls to residents throughout the 1st Senatorial District with their unemployment questions and claims. We know how hard it has been. We know many of you have been waiting months to receive responses to your claims, let alone the payments you need to Read more


Fiedler: Pa. Students and Educators Deserve Better

(Apr 09, 2021)

As Chair of the House Democratic Subcommittee on Progressive Policies for Working People, Rep. Elizabeth Fiedler joined Senator Vincent Hughes and the House Democratic Policy Committee to discuss the state of school buildings in Pennsylvania. She showed this video from a rally she organized more than a year ago pointing out that nothing has improved in that time. Fiedler has vowed to continue fighting until all Pa. students, staff, and teachers have a safe and healthy environment to work in. Read more


Investment in health, safety and jobs focus of Policy Committee hearing on Pa. toxic schools

(Apr 08, 2021)

HARRISBURG, April 8 -- Schools statewide are in urgent need of upgrades for the health and safety of students and staff, and today’s meeting of the House Democratic Policy Committee’s Subcommittee on Progressive Policies for Working People highlighted what actions the state can take to address toxic schools. The public virtual hearing, hosted by Subcommittee Chair Elizabeth Fiedler and state Sen. Vincent Hughes, brought together educators from across the state, healthcare and legal professionals, and labor experts to discuss the implications of inaction and benefits of investment in school safety. Policy Committee Chairman Ryan Bizzarro explained, “Pennsylvania schools need repair. Addressing these concerns will put our skilled laborers to work at family sustaining wages and set children and educators up for good health and success now and in the future.” “Most of Pennsylvania’s schools were built in the 50s when the knowledge of safe materials was limited,” Fiedler said. “But there are plenty of schools built even before that. Those old buildings pose so many health problems to our children, teachers and the community at large where they are.” “While we are in the middle of conversations to make upgrades and accommodations to our schools because of COVID, let’s take this time to discuss what overall solutions are available to make these sick buildings healthy for our kids and everyone who Read more


Toxic schools and their impact on students and educators focus of Thursday’s virtual hearing

(Apr 06, 2021)

HARRISBURG, April 6 – State Rep. Elizabeth Fiedler, chair of the Subcommittee on Progressive Policies for Working People, is partnering with state Sen. Vincent Hughes to host a public hearing to discuss the current state of toxins in schools and the impacts they have on health and learning outcomes. The hearing will be held at 3 p.m. Thursday, April 8 . The media and public are invited to watch online at or on the committee’s Facebook page--@PADemPolicy. Media inquiries may be submitted via email to . Fiedler will be joined by Chairman Ryan Bizzarro and members of the House Democratic Policy Committee for members to learn more about repair and remediation options available to schools and how the General Assembly can support efforts to address the issue. Additional hearing information will be available by clicking here . Read more


South Philly Update with COVID-19 Information

(Apr 02, 2021)

COVID-9 updates and vaccination resources, district events and community calendar, net neutrality and public hearings. Read this week's newsletter. Read more