Rep. Lisa Borowski

District 168
Delaware County

Rep. Danilo Burgos

District 197
Philadelphia County

Rep. Frank Burns

District 72
Cambria County

Rep. Morgan B. Cephas

District 192
Philadelphia County

Rep. Joseph Ciresi

District 146
Montgomery County

Rep. Mary Jo Daley

District 148
Montgomery County

Rep. Tina Davis

District 141
Bucks County

Rep. Paul Friel

District 26
Chester County

Rep. Valerie Gaydos

District 44
Allegheny County

Rep. Jim Haddock

District 118
Lackawanna and Luzerne counties

Rep. Kristine C. Howard

District 167
Chester County

Rep. Patty Kim

District 103
Dauphin and Cumberland counties

Rep. Emily Kinkead

District 20
Allegheny County

Rep. Thomas H. Kutz

District 87
Cumberland County

Rep. Robert Matzie

District 16
Beaver County

Rep. Robert W. Mercuri

District 28
Allegheny County

Rep. Robert Merski

District 2
Erie County

Rep. Marci Mustello

District 11
Butler County

Rep. Eric Nelson

District 57
Westmoreland County

Rep. Napoleon Nelson


District 154
Montgomery County

Rep. Donna Oberlander

District 63
Armstrong and Clarion counties

Rep. Eddie Day Pashinski

District 121
Luzerne County

Rep. Nick Pisciottano

District 38
Allegheny County

Rep. Christopher M. Rabb

District 200
Philadelphia County

Rep. Alec Ryncavage

District 119
Luzerne County

Rep. Steve Samuelson

District 135
Northampton County

Rep. Ben Sanchez

District 153
Montgomery County

Rep. Mike Schlossberg

District 132
Lehigh County

Rep. Melissa Shusterman

District 157
Chester County

Rep. Paul Takac

District 82
Centre County

Rep. Arvind Venkat

District 30
Allegheny County

Rep. Ben Waxman

District 182
Philadelphia County

Rep. Joe Webster

District 150
Montgomery County