Letter to the Editor: Pennsylvanians with Disabilities Day

To the editor:

On Friday, Jan. 18, we will commemorate Pennsylvanians with Disabilities Day. As we prepare to honor disabled Pennsylvanians on this special day, I want to offer a reminder of services available to them through the state.

It has been nearly 22 years since President George H. W. Bush signed the Americans for Disabilities Act. As a nation, and as a state, we have come a long way since then to help the disabled achieve employment and live as independently as possible.

In Pennsylvania, three entities are working to ensure that the state's disabled population is represented. The Governor’s Cabinet for People with Disabilities makes recommendations to the governor on policies, procedure regulations and legislation that assist people with disabilities in Pennsylvania.

The Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare (www.dpw.state.pa.us) supports programs for people with disabilities throughout the state including assisted living and personal care homes, community services and medical assistance.

Finally, the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry (www.dli.state.pa.us) provides comprehensive services to assist disabled Pennsylvanians with finding a job, determining eligibility for Social Security disability benefits and much more.

My staff and I are always available to help constituents navigate through the myriad of services available to them – and we are happy to do so. Please know that you have an advocate for you here at home and in Harrisburg.


Frank Burns

State Representative

72nd District