House Democratic Leaders Commend Governor Shapiro's Plan to Strengthen Our Workforce and Economy

Pennsylvania House Democratic Leaders today issued the following statement on Gov. Josh Shapiro’s comprehensive economic development plan for Pennsylvania:

"House Democrats lead the fight for better jobs in Pennsylvania – jobs with a real living wage and benefits so that working families of every size and type can thrive and support their communities. We passed bills to raise worker pay, guarantee safer workspaces, and protect workers’ rights to join a union. Beyond that, we’re leading the fight to make it easier to start and expand a business here in the commonwealth – investing in the companies who invest in us. 

"Governor Shapiro's commitment to strengthening our commonwealth through this comprehensive strategy is a commitment we share and something we’re ready to fight to make happen – forward-thinking, targeted investments in the high-tech, high-wage industries to build a better tomorrow and make sure we lead the technological revolution the way we led the industrial revolution. 

“We look forward to working with the Shapiro Administration as we begin the budget process and we're grateful that Governor Shapiro shares our vision to bring together government, industry, education and our world-class workforce to make sure we’re the keystone to America’s economy.”