Policy Hearing: Supporting Local Agriculture

(Mar 02, 2022)

The House Democratic Policy Committee held a hearing today in Harrisburg that examined the state of local agriculture, how the legislature can support it, and how it can help address food deserts. Read more


State Reps Take Action to Impose Economic Cost to Russia

(Mar 01, 2022)

State leaders are urging Pennsylvanians and businesses to stop spending money on Russian products or in Russian companies. Three democratic house legislators including local rep. Ryan Bizzarro introduced a resolution to divest Pennsylvania’s investments in Russian companies and holdings. Read more


Bizzarro, Matzie and Snyder take action to impose economic cost to Russia

(Feb 28, 2022)

A resolution introduced by Reps. Ryan Bizzarro, Rob Matzie and Pam Snyder would make the Keystone State the latest to increase economic costs to Russia, following its unprovoked acts of imperialism against Ukraine. Read more


Reapportionment Commission's maps bring change to Erie County state House, Senate districts

(Feb 18, 2022)

Pennsylvanians overwhelmingly wanted fair districts. With these new legislative maps, they've got them. My Democratic members are just as upset as my Republican colleagues. That tells me these maps are fair because both sides walked away from the table thinking their respective caucuses' legislative districts should look better or favor them more. Read more


Advocates urge lawmakers to get proactive about making Pennsylvania schools safer

(Feb 16, 2022)

On the week of the fourth anniversary of the school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, parents of students lost during that tragedy joined lawmakers for a joint hearing with the PA House and Senate Democratic Policy Committees to explore how to prevent similar tragedies from happening in Pennsylvania. Read more


Winter 2022 Newsletter

(Feb 16, 2022)

Winter 2022 Newsletter Read more


Policy discussion: Construction workers and unemployment compensation

(Feb 15, 2022)

During a hearing of the House Democratic Policy Committee Monday, lawmakers explored the challenges Pennsylvania’s unemployment compensation system had for construction workers and how the legislature can work with the Department of Labor & Industry to make the process better and easier to navigate. Read more


Rep Bizzarro: More than $585,000 granted to Erie County Fire, EMS

(Feb 10, 2022)

Rep. Ryan Bizzarro, D-Erie, announced that cash is on its way to Erie County fire and emergency medical service (EMS) companies that help our community, day, or night, whenever we need them. Read more


Rep. Bizzarro: $250K to protect, improve Lake Erie

(Feb 09, 2022)

State Rep. Ryan Bizzarro, D-Erie, today applauded the announcement of $257,691 for a handful of Erie County projects by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection. The money is to be used to protect and restore the Lake Erie Coastal Zone through six different projects. Read more


PA Gov. Tom Wolf Delivers Final Budget Address

(Feb 09, 2022)

“What was presented today was just a blueprint. The governor's budget, although some would like it to be the be-all end-all, it’s not,” said Bizzarro. “You know, these are his priorities, this is his wish list for Pennsylvania, and of course, he has to work with the Legislature in order to get those boxes checked on there so we can put this into law or at least portions of it into law,” Bizzarro added. Read more


PA lawmakers hear from Penn State faculty about inclusion, diversity concerns

(Feb 03, 2022)

The PA House Democratic Policy Committee held a hearing on Wednesday titled, “Diverse by Example: Increasing Participation in Academia,” that navigated equity and inclusion in higher education and gave faculty of color the opportunity to share their experiences at Penn State. Read more


Diverse by example: Increasing diversity in academia

(Feb 02, 2022)

Nationally, just 6% of college and university faculty are Black. Today, the PA House Democratic Policy Committee, along with co-hosts state Reps. Gina H. Curry, D-Delaware, and Stephen Kinsey, D-Phila., explored the topics of diversity and inclusion among academic faculty in Pennsylvania at a hearing in State College, PA. Read more


PA Lawmakers Hold Manufacturing Industry Roundtable

(Feb 02, 2022)

“From Erie to Philadelphia, manufacturing in Pennsylvania is important to our caucus because Pennsylvania is a place where businesses want to come and stay,” said Rep. Ryan Bizzarro. Read more


Manufacturing roundtable: Helping businesses grow and thrive

(Feb 01, 2022)

Pennsylvania’s manufacturing industry is the eighth largest in the nation with an economic impact of $92 billion. Twelve companies joined 12 lawmakers for a discussion on how to make Pennsylvania’s economy stronger, which included workforce issues, innovation, growth opportunities, market pressures and regulations impacting manufacturing in Pennsylvania. Read more


Rep Bizzarro: $150k for workforce training center

(Feb 01, 2022)

“Or region’s economy is strong, our workforce is diverse, and we have so much potential to train the next generation right here,” said state Rep. Ryan Bizzarro, D-Erie. Read more


Grant awarded to bring new workforce training center for adults with autism to the region

(Feb 01, 2022)

“Our region’s economy is strong, our workforce is diverse, and we have so much potential to train the next generation right here. These funds will go a long way to continue operating programs and connect people with different abilities to in-demand technical careers right here in our community.”” said State Representative Ryan Bizzarro, (D), Erie. Read more


Rep. Bizzarro applauds $497,500 for local water clean up

(Jan 26, 2022)

ERIE, Jan. 26 – State Rep. Ryan Bizzarro, D-Erie, today announced two Erie County projects were awarded $497,500 as part of the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection’s Growing Greener Plus program. The Erie County Conservation District was awarded $249,500 for the PA Vested in Environmental Sustainability, or PA VinES, Program, and the city of Erie will get $248,000 for the McDannell Run Restoration project. “I’m excited by the investment in the PA VinES program,” Bizzarro said. “Our local wine industry is literally growing – the Lake Erie Watershed is great for grape production and helping the industry do it in a sustainable way ensures a bright future for us all.” The program works with grape growers through a voluntary, proactive approach of looking at their operations for environmental and economic sustainability and supporting best practices that are found. The program will go on to create a certification and recognition program. “The Pennsylvania Lake Erie Grape Region boasts approximately 10,000 acres of juice and wine grapes, making it the largest agricultural land use in the PA Lake Erie Basin,” said Erin Wells, DEP Northwest regional director. “The PA VinES program is a vital asset to the region, as it promotes sustainable viticulture practices for Concord and Niagara grape production in the Lake Erie Watershed.” Read more


Reps. Ryan Bizzarro and Pam Snyder: Protect the Pennsylvania Constitution

(Jan 26, 2022)

The Constitution of Pennsylvania is under attack. The document defining our fundamental rights as Pennsylvanians is getting the Sharpie treatment by lawmakers who are under the influence of special interests and out-of-state dark money groups. Read more


COVID-19 testing and vaccines decrease amid rising numbers

(Jan 21, 2022)

“We partnered with LECOM to do the area’s first COVID clinic in a legislative office. I’m happy to do that because I think it’s really important given that we’ve got to get folks vaccinated so we can get through this,” said Ryan Bizzarro, 3rd District State Representative Read more


Rep. Bizzarro to host COVID-19 vaccine clinic

(Jan 19, 2022)

State Rep. Ryan Bizzarro will host a COVID-19 vaccine booster clinic with LECOM on Thursday, Jan. 20. LECOM Health, in partnership with the Erie County Department of Health, is pleased to provide COVID-19 vaccine clinics to the Erie community. All Pennsylvania adults are eligible to be vaccinated. Read more