Bizzarro: Erie environmental education efforts get $35,000 boost

Grants awarded to Asbury Woods, Regional Science Consortium

ERIE, May 21 – State grant money is on the way to two Erie organizations to help them boost the knowledge of local students about the environment around them. Rep. Ryan Bizzarro (D-Erie) today announced approximately $35,000 for Asbury Woods and the Regional Science Consortium (RSC) at Presque Isle Center.

“Ensuring Erie’s natural resources continue for generations to come means making sure the next generation knows how to protect and preserve what we have,” said Rep. Bizzarro. “These programs put science in front of kids in a fun way, and help them understand the role they play in our environment.”

The grants awarded include:

  • $4,954 to the Asbury Woods Outreach to Erie County Community Schools, to host after-school environmental education programming for Erie County Community Schools.

  • $29,992 to the Regional Science Consortium (RSC) at Presque Isle Center, for their Ship to Shore program, monitoring water quality in Lake Erie.  Students get to investigate urban watershed concepts and collect water, plankton, and other samples while sailing aboard the historic ship Lettie G. Howard. Students will bring samples back to RSC labs and identify actions to help address water quality issues.

“The success of our region relies heavily on things like the health of Lake Erie and a quality education for our kids,” Bizzarro said. “This money helps with both, and sets us up for a better future.”

These two grants are part of a larger Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) announcement today, which awarded $980,256 in Environmental Education Grants to 56 projects across Pennsylvania. The money will be used by organizations to promote environmental education and stewardship across Pennsylvania. Most of the projects will support people in environmental justice communities – places that are more threatened by climate change and air and water pollution.

Today’s announcement continues Bizzarro’s efforts to allocate state money to properly fund Erie schools, workforce development, nonprofits, first responders, public works, utilities and local businesses in his district and Erie County. During the 2023-24 legislative session, Bizzarro has helped secure more than $59.3 million in funding for Erie County projects.