EMAIL REVIEW: Reserve a free backup for your student

(Aug 06, 2021)

My Back-to-School event is scheduled for Saturday, Aug. 21. Reserve a backpack and school supplies for your student today by calling my offices. Read more


LGBTQ+ Equality Caucus condemns bill that discriminates against athletes

(Aug 04, 2021)

HARRISBURG, Aug. 4 – A bill that would discriminate against LGBTQ+ students by restricting their ability to participate in their school’s sports programs as the gender they identify with was condemned by the LGBTQ+ Equality Caucus after a House Education Committee hearing on the proposed Republican legislation, according to the caucus’ co-chair, state Rep. Brian Sims, D-Phila. House Bill 972 would prohibit trans girls and women from playing scholastic and collegiate sports. “Republicans are again advocating for open discrimination against LGBTQ+ youth masked as a bill to protect girls and women,” Sims said. “As a former collegiate athlete, I know that LGBTQ+ kids, like all kids, see countless positive outcomes from engagement in sports. The opportunity to build skills, foster friendships and learn to work as a team are essential in development, especially for Pennsylvania’s most vulnerable population, trans kids. The trans community is at higher risk of being victims of assault and experiencing depression, anxiety and, tragically, suicide. The fact that the majority party would aim to subject trans and non-binary youth to further exclusion and harassment is sickening and it is also illegal. We should be striving for inclusion in Pennsylvania, not sending a message of hate to LGBTQ+ youth and their families.” “Republican leaders are holding a hearing on a pretend issue and on a bill that stands zero chance of Read more


Zabel announces Back-to-School Backpack Giveaway for students

(Aug 03, 2021)

“My event is an effort to help local families and students gear up for the school year,” Zabel said. “We also organized this event in order to provide as many families in the district as possible with information on valuable state programs and local organizations that provide important services for children, parents and guardians.” Read more


Zabel announces $50K state grant for Upper Darby

(Aug 02, 2021)

“The process of looking at ways to plan for development and improve our hometowns never ends, whether it’s saving and enriching historic storefronts and building façades that have been part of our hometown for generations or other endeavors like studying ways to ease traffic flow,” Zabel said. Read more


EMAIL REVIEW: Renewable energy project in our district

(Jul 30, 2021)

Congregants and volunteers made this renewable energy project a reality in our community. Learn more in this week's community update. Read more


EMAIL REVIEW: More than $32K in unclaimed property found

(Jul 23, 2021)

Last week, my office helped constituents here in our community find $32,367 in unclaimed property from the Pennsylvania Treasury! Read more


EMAIL REVIEW: Spotlight on important work being done in our community

(Jul 15, 2021)

Grands Stepping Up continues to do important work in our legislative district, and find out the latest on the child tax credit and changes to unemployment compensation. Read more


EMAIL REVIEW: My office can help you find your unclaimed property next week!

(Jul 09, 2021)

Head to one of my offices next week to learn if you have unclaimed property in the PA state treasury. Read more


FAQ: Delaware County Reassessment

(Jul 09, 2021)

The deadline for this year's bills has passed, but you can appeal for next year by submitting a short form by Aug. 1. Read more


EMAIL REVIEW: Celebrating how far we’ve come, recognizing how far we have to go

(Jul 01, 2021)

In this week's community update, I recap what was a wonderful Pride Festival in Upper Darby. Read more


Zabel announces first bill to pass House

(Jun 24, 2021)

"I’m also grateful to Rep. Karen Boback for her willingness to work with me to help this bill advance through the House,” Zabel said. “The bill would save taxpayer dollars and ensure that businesses are investing resources in the community where Keystone Opportunity Zones are located – which includes Clifton Heights.” Read more


EMAIL REVIEW: Improving PA's justice system through bipartisan work

(Jun 23, 2021)

Before becoming a lawmaker, I was a prosecutor and before that a schoolteacher. I thought that I knew about the justice system and children but serving as a co-chair on the Juvenile Justice Task Force has taught me so much. Read more


Zabel, bipartisan Juvenile Justice Task Force announces findings

(Jun 22, 2021)

“This report is a culmination of work the people of Pennsylvania would want to be done: data driven and firmly committed to improving what needs to be improved on and enhancing that which already works well,” Zabel said. Read more


PA Juvenile Justice Task Force: Executive Summary

(Jun 22, 2021)

The Pennsylvania Juvenile Justice Task Force Report Executive Summary contains key findings, policy recommendations and impact of recommendations. Read more


PA Juvenile Justice Task Force: Report and Recommendations

(Jun 22, 2021)

State leaders established the bipartisan, interbranch Pennsylvania Juvenile Justice Task Force to conduct a data-driven assessment of PA's juvenile justice system and make recommendations supported by research. Read more


EMAIL REVIEW: Unclaimed Property event coming in July

(Jun 17, 2021)

In this week's community update, find out details of my upcoming Unclaimed Property event as well as details on my Family Resource Fair and Outdoor Movie Night that we hosted earlier this month. Read more


EMAIL REVIEW: Family Resource Fair and Outdoor Movie Night June 12th

(Jun 04, 2021)

In this week's community update, find updates on unemployment compensation, SEPTA, vaccines and my Family Resource Fair. Read more


EMAIL REVIEW: Important legislation to update state statute

(May 28, 2021)

In this week's update, learn about important legislation I talked about on the House floor, vaccine updates and details on my Family Resource Fair. Read more


Zabel announces Family Resource Fair for Saturday, June 12

(May 26, 2021)

“In the wake of the pandemic, I wanted to provide working families with the information they need about valuable programs that can have a positive effect on their lives and their households,” Rep. Mike Zabel said. Read more


EMAIL REVIEW: Important programs for seniors, events in our district

(May 21, 2021)

Learn about upcoming important events and valuable programs for seniors in this week's community update. Read more