A list of grant opportunities available right now

From support for local businesses to job training, there are a number of grant funding opportunities in Pennsylvania. Here's a look at what's available right now:


Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection: Driving PA Forward Level 2 EV Charging Rebate Program  (Funding Source: State Mitigation Trust - Volkswagen Emissions Settlement)

Who May Apply: Business, charitable organizations, incorporated nonprofits, local government entities, school districts, and other entities.

Use: Rebates for Level 2 EV charging equipment for public use at government owned property, public use at non-government owned property, non-public use at work places, non-public use at multi-unit dwellings.

Funds: Maximum rebates of $4,000 per plug for full public access and networked charging projects, $3,500 per plug for multi-unit dwelling projects and $3,000 per plug for all other eligible projects, including workplace charging.

Application DeadlineFirst come, first-served.

More Information: Click on https://gis.dep.pa.gov/drivingpaforward/.

Pennsylvania Department of Human Services: Children’s Trust Fund  (Funding Source: Children’s Trust Fund)

Who May Apply: Any organization operating in Pennsylvania that provides direct services and meets the criteria in this Request for Applications (“RFA”) is eligible to apply.

Use:  To support community-based child abuse and neglect prevention projects.

Funds: Up to $50,000 per year for up to three years. A minimum local match of 25 percent of the requested grant award is required the first year, and a minimum local match of 50 percent of the requested grant award is required for the second and third grant years.

Application DeadlineJuly 19

More Information: Click on http://www.emarketplace.state.pa.us/Solicitations.aspx?SID=01-21.

Pennsylvania Commission on Crime & Delinquency: STOP Violence Against Women Formula Grant Program 2022-2024 Competitive  (Funding Source: Federal Funding)

Who May Apply: County governments and non-profit victim service agencies. Applicants are not required to have a prior funding history with PCCD to be eligible.

Use: To support cross-system, collaborative efforts to respond to victims of violence against women crimes as outlined in Pennsylvania’s FFY2022-2025 STOP Implementation Plan. Eligible expenses include personnel costs, supplies, equipment, and training.

Funds: PCCD expects to fund up to 32 grants with budgets not to exceed $375,000 over a three-year project period.

Application DeadlineAugust 3

More Information: Click on https://www.pccdegrants.pa.gov/egrants/Public/OpenAnnouncements.aspx and choose “STOP Formula Grant 2022-2024 Competitive.”

Pennsylvania Commission on Crime & Delinquency: 2021 Reducing Racial and Ethnic Disparities Coordinators  (Funding Source: Federal Funding)

Who May Apply: Any private non-profit agency, public agency, or unit of local government. Non-profit organizations are encouraged to apply jointly with a unit of local government, but will not be required to do so.

Use: To support local jurisdictions in their efforts to reduce racial and ethnic disparities in Pennsylvania’s juvenile justice system through the hiring of a full time Racial and Ethnic Disparities (R/ED) Coordinator, whose responsibilities will be to organize the community’s efforts, bring together all necessary stakeholders, and help to recommend and implement the local effort to reduce disparity.

Funds: Up to $150,000 for a two-year grant. There is no cash or in-kind match requirement.

Application DeadlineAugust 30

More Information: Click on https://www.pccdegrants.pa.gov/egrants/Public/OpenAnnouncements.aspx and choose “2021 Support for R/ED Coordinators.”


Federal Communications Commission: Emergency Connectivity Fund  (Funding Source: Federal Funding)

Who May Apply: Schools, libraries, and consortia of schools and libraries (e.g., regional or statewide groups of schools or libraries that apply together) that are eligible for support under the FCC's E-Rate Program.

Use: Eligible equipment includes Wi-Fi hotspots, modems (including air cards), routers, devices that combine a modem and router, and connected devices (laptop and tablet computers). Schools and libraries can also receive funding for commercially available broadband service that provides a fixed or mobile broadband connection for off-campus use by students, school staff or library patrons. In limited instances, a school or library that can demonstrate it has no available service options sufficient to support remote learning may seek funding for the construction of new networks to provide remote learning and the equipment needed for datacasting services.

Funds: See guidelines.

Application Deadline: August 13

More Information: Click on https://www.fcc.gov/emergency-connectivity-fund.


American Library Association: Libraries Transforming Communities - Focus on Small and Rural Libraries Program  

Who May Apply: Libraries serving small communities (legal service area population of 25,000 or less) and/or rural communities (those that are more than, or equal to, five miles from an urbanized area). Applicants must have an institutional or personal membership with either the American Library Association or the Association for Rural & Small Libraries.

Use: To develop a community engagement project.

Funds: Up to $3,000 to support costs related to a community engagement project, professional development, and technical assistance.

Application Deadline: September 16

More Information: Click on https://www.ala.org/tools/librariestransform/libraries-transforming-communities/focusgrants.


DEP 2020 Host Municipality Inspector Program: June 30  (Funding Source: Recycling Fund and Hazardous Sites Cleanup Fund)

  • Municipalities. - For salary and expenses of up to two certified Host Municipality Inspectors.
  • More details: Host Municipality Programs 

PCCD FY 2021 Gun Violence Reduction Grants:  June 30  (Funding Source: General Fund

  • Community-based organizations and local units of government across the Commonwealth with the highest rates of gun violence. – Gun violence reduction.
  • More details: Grants and Funding (pa.gov) 

Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful/The GIANT Company 2021 Healing the Planet Grant Program: June 30  (Funding Source: Private Funds)

  • Any tax-exempt organization, including nonprofit organizations, conservation districts, schools, churches, and local and county governments, in the following counties where GIANT stores are located. - Eligible projects will connect people and families with community green spaces and could include park improvements, park builds, watershed restoration, recycling infrastructure and related programs, beautification and greening, community gardens, vacant lot restoration, outdoor classrooms and tree plantings.
  • More details: 2021 Healing the Planet Grant Program – Keep PA Beautiful

PENNDOT Automated Red Light Enforcement (ARLE) Transportation Enhancement Grants: July 1  (Funding Source: Motor License Fund - from Automated Red Light Enforcement Systems fines)

  • Local governments, planning organizations, Commonwealth agencies. -  Funds a range of safety and mobility projects that can be completed at a relatively low cost, including roadway, pedestrian, and bicycle safety improvements and traffic signal improvements.
  • More details: PennDOT|Traffic Signal Portal (state.pa.us)

PA Environmental Council - PA Water Trails Mini-Grants: July 2  (Funding Source: Environmental Stewardship Fund)

  • Nonprofit organizations, municipalities, counties, and educational institutions. - Any project on or for a designated PA Water Trail.
  • More information: Funding | pawatertrails

U.S. Department of Justice OVC FY 2021 Fostering Resilience and Hope - Bridging the Gap Between Law Enforcement and the Community: July 6  (Funding Source: Federal Funding)

Federal HUD FY 2021 Lead Hazard Reduction Grant Program: July 12  (Funding Source: Federal Funding)

DDAP Pregnancy Support Services: July 13  (Funding Source: Federal Funding)

  • Community service providers able to serve pregnant and postpartum women with stimulant or opioid misuse issues. - To provide pregnancy support services or make referrals to aid pregnant and postpartum women with opioid use disorder.
  • More details: GIFA 21-03 Pregnancy Support Services.pdf (pa.gov)

DCNR Wild Resource Conservation Program: July 16  (Funding Source: Wild Resources Conservation Fund)          

  • Counties, municipalities, educational institutions, 501(3) (c) nonprofits, conservation districts, municipal authorities, individuals, state government agencies and for-profit businesses. - Field research and on-the-ground conservation projects that protect Pennsylvania’s non-game animals, native plants and their habitat.
  • More details: Wild Resource Conservation Program (pa.gov)

PCCD 2021-22 PA Academic and Career/Technical Training (PACTT) Competitive Funding: July 23  (Funding Source: General Fund)

  • Privately operated residential facilities, community-based providers, and juvenile probation offices that are not currently PACTT Affiliates. - To develop programs in the following PACTT service areas that adhere to PACTT Standards in order to gain affiliate status: core programming; academic instruction; work related services; and job skills training.
  • More details: The PCCD Funding and Grants Process Home (pa.gov)

CFA Multimodal Transportation Fund: July 31  (Funding Source: Multimodal Transportation Fund)          

  • Municipalities, school districts, private businesses, nonprofits, economic development organizations, public transportation agencies, railroad operators, port terminal operators. - Development, rehabilitation, and enhancement of transportation assets to existing communities; streetscape; lighting; sidewalk enhancement; pedestrian safety; connectivity of transportation assets; and transit-oriented development.
  • More details: Multimodal Transportation Fund - PA Department of Community & Economic Development

PA Fish and Boat Commission - Boating Infrastructure Grant Program: July 31   (Funding Source: Federal Funding)

  • Public and private operators of open-to-the-public boating facilities, including municipal agencies (cities, towns, counties, etc.), state agencies (State Parks, DNR, Fish & Wildlife, etc.), and other government entities. - The construction, renovation and maintenance of transient moorage (tie-up) facilities serving recreational motorboats 26 feet and longer.
  • More details: Boating Infrastructure Grant Program (fishandboat.com)

PHMC Historical & Archival Records Care grant program: August 1  (Funding Source: Keystone Recreation, Park & Conservation Fund)          

  • Historical societies, libraries, museums, nonprofit organizations, colleges and universities, local governments, school districts. - Surveying, inventorying, preserving, arranging and describing historical records relevant to Pennsylvania.
  • More details: Records Care Grants (pa.gov)

DEP Section 902 Recycling Implementation Grant: September 24  (Funding Source: Recycling Fund)

  • Counties, cities, boroughs, incorporated towns, townships, home rule municipalities, councils of governments, consortiums or similar entities established by two or more municipalities. - To fund costs associated with developing and implementing a recycling program.
  • More details: 902 Recycling Grant Application Guidelines (pa.gov)

CFA Unserved High-Speed Broadband Funding Program: September 24  (Funding Source: General Fund)

DEP 2020 Recycling Performance GrantsDecember 30  (Funding Source: Environmental Stewardship Fund)

PA Humanities Council/Community Heart and Soul - Community Heart & Soul Seed Grant Program: Until Funds Expended

U.S. Small Business Administration: Shuttered Venue Operators Grant: Until Funds Expended

  • Live venue operators or promoters; theatrical producers; live performing arts organization operators; museum operators; motion picture theater operators (including owners); talent representatives. - Payroll costs; rent payments; utility payments; scheduled mortgage payments; scheduled debt payments; worker protection expenditures; payments to independent contractors; administrative costs (including fees and licensing); state and local taxes and fees; operating leases in effect as of February 15, 2020; insurance payments; advertising, production transportation, and capital expenditures related to producing a theatrical or live performing arts production. (May not be primary use of funds).
  • More details: Shuttered Venue Operators Grant (sba.gov)