Powell, Pisciottano, Innamorato highlight green energy bill and its benefits

PITTSBURGH, June 20 – State Reps. Lindsay Powell and Nick Pisciottano, both D-Allegheny, joined Allegheny County Executive Sara Innamorato to support legislation aimed at growing green energy jobs across Pennsylvania at the City County Building today.

House Bill 2315, sponsored by Powell and Pisciottano, would establish the Promotion of Renewable Opportunities, Supporting People, Employment and Resilience – or PROSPER -- Act and incentivize the creation of sustainable energy jobs statewide, with a focus on regions grappling with high unemployment rates within the natural resources and mining sectors.

Powell pointed out that PA is among the top producers of natural gas energy in the country, and the PROSPER Act would serve as a logical bridge to cleaner energy output.

“Clean air and water are human rights, and communities throughout the Commonwealth should be able to thrive without having to worry about developing respiratory illnesses due to poor air quality or having their water contaminated,” she said. “The PROSPER Act is an investment in our future and the long-term health of our communities.”

Recent research has found that fossil fuel extraction workers possess skillsets compatible with work in clean energy, and Pisciottano communicated the need to assist them.

“The PROSPER Act is centered around supporting workers whose livelihood has depended on the fossil fuel industry,” he said. “We refuse to leave those workers behind as technology changes and new sources of energy are developed. Legislation like this is necessary to prepare southwestern PA’s workforce for the shift toward renewable energy.”

Innamorato shared additional opportunities the PROSPER Act would present, including boosts to the economy and employment.

“Investing in green energy means not only reducing carbon emissions and fighting climate change, but also creating higher-paying jobs in the renewable energy sector. Pennsylvania can lead this charge by attracting innovative businesses that boost our economy while protecting our environment,” she said. “The PROSPER Act ensures green jobs are good jobs by requiring fair wages, health benefits, ample paid time off and access to training through apprenticeship programs. It's about making sure our workers are well-paid, well-protected and well-prepared for the future.”