PA House passes Pisciottano, Green bill to protect hotel workers

Legislation would require hotel staff be equipped with panic buttons

HARRISBURG, June 20 – The Pennsylvania House of Representatives passed legislation today that would require hotels provide their employees with remote security devices to call for help, announced one of the bill’s authors, state Rep. Nick Pisciottano.

“Sadly, hospitality workers in the hotel industry are often subject to unwanted sexual advances, harassment and violence,” said Pisciottano, D-Allegheny. “This bill helps protect these workers by ensuring they have a tool to summon help in these situations. Every worker deserves to be in an environment where they feel safe and secure, especially those who often work alone like housekeepers in hotels.”

Pisciottano said the bill would only affect hotels with 150 or more guest rooms and that it would not require a specific type of device, allowing hotel owners to choose a device that best suits their needs.

He thanked Rep. Roni Green, D-Phila., the bill’s other prime sponsor, for her crucial role in advancing the legislation.

House Bill 967 passed the House on a bipartisan vote of 108-95 and now heads to the state Senate for future consideration.