Gergely’s bill to advance PA health care initiative heads to governor’s desk to become law

HARRISBURG, April 11 – State Rep. Matthew R. Gergely’s bill to protect plasma donated throughout Pennsylvania and preserve its suitability for use in health and medical forums passed the state Senate unanimously this week.

The legislation (H.B. 1795) would require that source plasma, specifically, undergoes extensive testing upon donation and before it is ultimately integrated into essential pharmaceuticals. Gergely’s bill, co-sponsored by state Rep. Tim Briggs, D-Montgomery, would also allow more focus to be devoted to developing such pharmaceuticals by eliminating a signification portion of subsequent testing conducted in labs during the clinical development phase.

“Plasma centers are a priority for me, as there are many in the communities I represent. Safeguarding healthy and viable plasma not only enhances quality of life for residents, it will save lives throughout the 35th District and the commonwealth at large,” said Gergely, D-Allegheny. “A huge thanks to Rep. Briggs for his collaboration and to the members of the Senate for all their efforts in getting this legislation to Governor Shapiro’s desk.”

“We're on the verge of securing a lifeline for those battling serious medical conditions. With this bill’s imminent passage into law, we affirm our commitment to ensuring that every drop of plasma donated in our state is a beacon of hope for those in need,” Briggs added. “Let's celebrate this milestone, knowing that we're bolstering our health care system and saving lives with each decisive step forward."

In 2017 alone, approximately 30 million liters of source plasma were collected in approximately 40 million procedures in the U.S., per a work paper published in the American Journal of Hematology.

Gergely has only been in office since February of last year and is excited to see the bill, which passed the state House unanimously as well, signed into law.