Kinkead: $500,000 to construct new Davis Avenue Bridge

HARRISBURG, April 22 – The Commonwealth Financing Authority has awarded the city of Pittsburgh $500,000 in state funds to construct a pedestrian/bicycle bridge at the former Davis Avenue Bridge site, state Rep. Emily Kinkead announced.

Kinkead, D-Allegheny, said the new bridge will replace the one that was demolished in 2009 due to structural deficiencies. The project will also include new lighting and abutment.

“Since 2009, residents of the Brighton Heights neighborhood could throw a rock and hit Riverview Park, but would have to walk at least 45 minutes to be able to pick the rock back up,” Kinkead said. “The new bridge will be more structurally sound and provide much-needed and welcome access to recreational and outdoor activities. I am proud to have helped to secure funds to support this long-overdue reconnection of our neighborhoods.”

The Commonwealth Financing Authority provides funding for a multitude of projects that help communities succeed, including those focused on development, water quality, energy infrastructure, and more. To learn more, residents may visit the following link: