Kinkead: It’s time to take action to combat climate change

HARRISBURG, March 24 – State Rep. Emily Kinkead has introduced legislation that would effectively reduce carbon dioxide emissions in Pennsylvania to zero.

Kinkead, D-Allegheny, said her bill, which would be known as the Energy Transition Recovery Act, would direct funds from the sale of carbon allowances sold at auction through the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative to methods designed to curb those emissions by 2050. Pennsylvania is expected to become a member of RGGI by 2022.

“Earlier this week, the governor announced the Project to Utilize Light and Solar Energy, part of the GreenGov initiative, which I fully support, and my legislation fits in with that effort by making a significant impact in lowering carbon dioxide emissions,” said Kinkead. “My colleagues and I took an oath to protect and uphold the state Constitution, which includes the right to clean air and water. It’s imperative we move forward and do all we can to protect our future children and grandchildren, and we can do so right now.”

Kinkead’s legislation is currently under consideration in the House Environmental Energy and Resources Committee.