Bill alert -- House Bill 13 is not "budget neutral"

(Mar 10, 2020)

House Bill 13 would tax pensions, clothes and medication, as well as increase the sales and income taxes you pay in order to cut property taxes on homes and properties owned by corporations. Read more


One of Philadelphia’s richest law firms wants tax breaks, again. Why it might get its way.

(Mar 08, 2020)

Dechert LLP, one of Philadelphia’s wealthiest law firms, where partners made $3 million each in profits last year, wants to move its headquarters into a virtually tax-free zone in the city. Read more


Medicaid block grant proposals spell trouble for patients and hospitals

(Feb 10, 2020)

Medicaid is a longstanding partnership between states and the federal government to provide care to the poorest and sickest among us. A pair of proposals from Washington threaten to upset this joint commitment and fray the nation’s perilously thin safety net for vulnerable patients.Together, these proposals stand to trigger an erosion of the impressive gains we’ve made for patients across our country and region this past decade. Read more


Fracking has led to a ‘bust’ for Pennsylvania school district finances

(Feb 10, 2020)

n the last decade, unconventional natural gas development has transformed American energy — as well as communities across Pennsylvania’s Marcellus Shale region.Often popularly referred to as “fracking,” this highly industrialized process is used to extract energy resources from underground geologies such as shale or sandstone. Read more