Khan Celebrates Advancement of Patient Safety Act

(Jun 29, 2023)

Having experienced unsafe staffing in his career, Pa. state Rep. Tarik Khan knows the value of adequate staffing in hospitals and other medical facilities. The Patient Safety Act legislation, which he helped to write and champion, promises to save lives and money across the Commonwealth, passed in the #PAHouse and will now go to the #PASenate for consideration. #SafeStaffing #PASNAP #Nurses #Nursing Read more


House of Representatives passes Khan’s resolution on Alzheimer’s awareness

(Jun 22, 2023)

State Rep. Tarik Khan, D-Phila., reaffirmed his dedication to older adults and their caregivers and families this week with his bipartisan resolution dedicating June 2023 as “Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Month in Pennsylvania.” Khan’s resolution passed the Pennsylvania House on a vote of 202-1 late Tuesday. “Our older adult population is growing rapidly, and we need to ensure we support these neighbors and their families, including those with Alzheimer’s and other brain diseases.” Khan said. Khan’s resolution was a call to action that critical scientific research must be funded to support people living with Alzheimer’s and their families. “Like we did when we set a goal to put a human on the moon in a decade, our nation can set a target to cure Alzheimer’s disease -- and achieve it,” Khan said. Khan hosted a news conference in the Capitol rotunda Wednesday morning to commemorate the passage of the resolution and fighting the darkness of Alzheimer’s on Wednesday, which was the longest day of the year. Khan was joined by representatives from the Alzheimer's Association, the Alzheimer's Research and Development Center at the University of Pennsylvania, the Center for Advocacy for the Rights and Interests of Elders, and the family caregiver of a person who died from Alzheimer’s disease. The resolution was initially approved by the House Health Committee Read more


The Power of One State Rep

(Jun 22, 2023)

This year, I will prioritize requests for several vital items affecting our community— schools, services for people with disabilities, and crime-solving equipment and software for law enforcement. But the advocacy of one state representative has sparked my imagination about the power of one elected official. Read more


Khan Celebrates Alzheimer’s Legislation

(Jun 22, 2023)

As a nurse practitioner himself, Pa. state Rep. Tarik Khan joined the Alzheimer’s Association to celebrate the passing of his House Resolution designating June 2023 as Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Month, as well as honoring and supporting patients and advocates affected while continuously trying to find cures for the disease. Alzheimer’s impacts 55 million people worldwide and in the next 30 years the number of people living with it is expected to double. Read more


State Rep. Khan’s statement on minimum wage increase

(Jun 21, 2023)

State Rep. Tarik Khan, D-Phila., yesterday voted to increase Pennsylvania’s minimum wage to $15 by 2026. House Bill 1500 would increase the minimum wage in Pennsylvania to: $11 per hour on Jan. 1, 2024. $13 per hour on Jan. 1, 2025. $15 per hour on Jan. 1, 2026. “For four years, I supported myself by working several minimum-wage and near-minimum-wage jobs,” Khan said. “No one in Philadelphia can live on $7.25 an hour. I'm so proud that we were able to move the state closer to paying hard-working Pennsylvanians a living wage that can support them and their families." House Bill 1500 is a companion bill to S.B. 743 , introduced by state Sen. Dan Laughlin, chair of the Senate Republican Policy Committee. The bill now moves on to the Senate for consideration. Read more


Khan Works to Improve Public Transit

(Jun 20, 2023)

Pa. state Rep. Tarik Khan advocates for legislation that would allow local governments to generate needed revenue to expand and improve the public transportations systems operating in their communities. Read more


My legislation is progressing & updates from Harrisburg

(Jun 13, 2023)

my Nurses Appreciation Month resolution passed unanimously out of the House Health Committee! As a working nurse, I know that nurses are the backbone of our healthcare system. I introduced this legislation with Rep. Bridget Kosierowski and Rep. JoAnne Stehr to honor nurses across the Commonwealth by establishing May 2023 as "Nurses Appreciation Month!" Read more


PA House Passes Historic Life-Saving Gun Reform Measures

(Jun 13, 2023)

Our PA House majority took a significant step to deliver on life-saving gun reform. We passed H.B. 714, requiring ALL gun purchases to be processed through the background check system, not just handguns. And we passed H.B. 1018, the “red-flag law” empowering loved ones and law enforcement, with the approval of the court, to temporarily get guns out of the hands of people in crisis. Read more


New doc follows Philly nurse as he races to deliver expiring vaccines, and offers lessons for our new normal

(Jun 05, 2023)

Ready about how A 42-year old nurse, Khan would rush from his practice at the Abbottsford-Falls Health Center each evening to visit a handwritten list of people who couldn’t physically get to a clinic. Read more


We need to invest in schools and our children

(May 19, 2023)

On Monday, May 15th, 2023, I walked across the magnificent, shining, wooden stage at the Kimmel Center to receive my Ph.D. from the University of Pennsylvania. This occasion capped my career of education— the first half or so spent at Philadelphia public schools. As I’ve toured our local schools in the first few months in my new role as state Representative, it seems that little inside our schools has changed in the 30 years since I stood on the rubbery auditorium steps of Greenberg with my trumpet at my 8th grade graduation. The asbestos floor tiles, the rusty metal desks in the classroom that sound like Chewbacca roaring every time they were moved and the dreary cafeteria that seemed like no place you want to spend more time than absolutely necessary to eat your meal. Aside from being inadequate, we know our public schools can also be toxic. In April, CW Henry became the second Northwest Philadelphia public school to close in as many months due to unsafe asbestos conditions. While I lead efforts with state Representatives Kinsey, Fiedler, and Steele to address assessment, the notification, and remediation of unsafe asbestos conditions in our public schools, I am also working closely with state Senator Hughes to dramatically increase our investment in our public schools. In June we will work Read more


The Power of Diversity: AAPI 100

(May 17, 2023)

City & State’s Power of Diversity: AAPI 100 identifies Asian American leaders from across the commonwealth – and how they are making a difference in politics, business, nonprofits, education and more. Read more


Khan works with Hughes to Prevent Identify Theft

(May 10, 2023)

Pa. state Rep. Tarik Khan teams up with Pa. Senator Vincent Hughes to help their neighbors get rid of old documents and protect their identities. Khan says that identity theft is a constant threat but events like these can help people avoid the damages and inconvenience of having their identity stolen. Read more


1,000 cases supported!

(May 08, 2023)

Read more


Freshman Lawmakers

(May 08, 2023)

Watch Rep. Tarik Khan's freshman lawmaker interview with PCN. Read more


New state Representative and longtime PASNAP ally Tarik Khan says he'll care for his constituents the way he cares for his patients

(May 08, 2023)

New state Representative and longtime PASNAP ally Tarik Khan says he'll care for his constituents the way he cares for his patients Read more


Khan Helping Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities

(May 04, 2023)

Pa. state Rep. Tarik Khan joined health and human services organizations from across the state to rally for funding for direct support professionals. These providers give essential care to people with developmental and intellectual disabilities but get paid very little making it hard to find and retain people in this profession. Read more


Khan Supports Changes for Nurse Practitioners

(May 04, 2023)

Nurse practitioner and Pa. state Rep. Tarik Khan joined a rally of nurse practitioners to push for S.B. 25, which Khan says will expand the role of nurse practitioners and help fill the healthcare gap in Pennsylvania. Read more


Khan Welcomes the New Asian American Caucus

(May 02, 2023)

Vice Chair of the new Asian American Pacific Islander Caucus, Pa. state Rep. Tarik Khan welcomes the new caucus and is hopeful for the future with the diverse representation in the state House. Khan and his colleagues will continue to fight for AAPI voices across Pennsylvania to make sure their voices are heard. Read more


Updates from Harrisburg & around the district!

(Apr 27, 2023)

Join us for a free shred event & more inside. Read more


Khan Leads the House in Prayer

(Apr 25, 2023)

Pa. state Rep. Tarik Khan opened the House Session with a prayer for peace and unity, calling for the prosperity for people of all backgrounds, letting the commonwealth be a beacon of light for everyone. Read more