The work of nurses and other medical workers is key to helping all of us stay well or recover from serious illness and injury. Yet there are not enough of them to go around and we are in danger of losing many because their working conditions are so difficult. This crisis got even worse during the long Covid pandemic. For the sake of all patients and their families, we need to relieve the pressure on these essential health workers.

Forcing nurses to work too much overtime or care for too many patients at once leads to bad outcomes. For the benefit of patients, safe staffing levels need to be spelled out by state law. And it’s not right to claim we value health care workers but not reward them for their work. We must make sure that these heroes helping us and our families during the toughest times are recognized for taking on this special work.

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Few professions demand the level of daily commitment and sacrifice that is routine for nurses. It’s time for Pennsylvania’s leaders to recognize the lifesaving work done by nurses and other health workers and to protect the quality of care.

I urge you to pass the Patient Safety Act (HB 106) to set safe patient limits for hospital nurses and to protect nurses from job retaliation when they speak up for their patients’ needs.  

And to expand the number of people ready to do this essential work, I ask you to pass the Nurse and Health Care Worker Loan Forgiveness Act (HB 226) to support these front-line personnel who work for us around the clock to save lives.

Please take these actions on behalf of all of us who depend on nurses and other health care workers to be there when we need them the most.

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