Junk the Junk Fees, Beat the Grinch Bots, and Stop Scammers to protect Pennsylvanians

Junk the Junk Fees, Beat the Grinch Bots, and Stop the Scammers to protect Pennsylvanians.  

Hard-working Pennsylvanians are being taken advantage of – and House Democrats are leading the fight to stop the scammers and protect your wallet.

Junk Fees mislead consumers and send prices skyrocketing beyond a person’s planned budget. Concert tickets, vacation rentals, even getting dinner delivered after a hard day at work ends up costing more than you originally were told.

Grinch Bots let scammers digitally cut in line ahead of regular folks and buy up tickets and consumer items before anyone can make a purchase – and then jack up prices astronomically.

Speculative Ticketing lets scammers use fake websites and “sell” tickets they don’t even own.

The PA House passed bipartisan bills to end all three of these unfair practices – now it’s time for the state Senate to step up and join us to put you first. Please complete the form on the next page and let them know you've had enough of scammers.

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