Republican leaders in Harrisburg want to start the new year with two bills that would let drillers spill hundreds of gallons of dangerous oil and wastewater without having to report it and make health care in Pennsylvania even more expensive than it is now.

Join House Democrats in telling these leaders they need to start passing laws that put people and families first, not the special interests. Learn more and take action!

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Speaker of the House Bryan Cutler; Representative Robert Mercuri.

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Stop attacking my health, safety and financial security!

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As a Pennsylvanian who cares about the safety of the water we drink and use in our daily lives, as well as the cost of health care, I urge you to stop plans to push legislation that would threaten both.  

Drilling wastewater contains dangerous chemicals and threatens the water supply that people use to drink, cook, wash and more. Allowing these toxins to be spilled (SB 790) without making the companies report it endangers me, my family and my community. It rolls back some 20 years of protections for our water supply and erosion and sediment control permitting requirements.   

In addition, forcing insurance companies to pay out-of-network doctors directly (HB564) would reduce my access to care and increase healthcare costs for me. My government should be expanding healthcare access for me while lowering my out-of-pocket costs, not the opposite!   

I urge you to start 2020 off right by putting me, my family and my community first, not wealthy special interests.  

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