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Matzie: Nearly $1.5 million awarded to boost Beaver County early education programs

(Aug 02, 2022)

AMBRIDGE, Aug. 2 – Beaver County preschoolers will have greater access to early learning resources thanks to nearly $1.5 million in funding awarded to bolster area Pre-K Counts and Head Start Supplemental Assistance programs, state Rep. Rob Matzie announced today. Matzie, D-Beaver/Allegheny, said the funding from the state Department of Education’s Office of Child Development and Early Learning will increase the number of available Pre-K Counts slots and help ensure that area Head Start programs have the resources to manage increased operating costs. “The right start in life makes all the difference in the world,” Matzie said. “Securing this funding means more kids in our community will benefit from early learning programs that stimulate young minds, help kids build confidence and interact with peers, and ensure that they have the nutrition and health resources they need to thrive.” Matzie said the funding includes the following: Pre-K Counts Aliquippa School District – $400,000 Chippewa Noah’s Ark LLC – $170,000 Head Start Private Industry Council (serving Beaver and Fayette counties) – $925,900 More information on the grants is available here: Read more

Housing, Public Health Infrastructure, and Clean Energy Funding Opportunities

(Jul 18, 2022)

STATE PROGRAMS NOW OPEN FOR APPLICATIONS: Pennsylvania Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs: Pregnancy Support Services Grant (Funding Source: Federal Funding) Who May Apply : Any entity that is able to serve pregnant or postpartum women in recovery from SUD. Use : To provide support services to pregnant women and postpartum women in recovery from Substance Use Disorder (SUD). Funds: Awards up to $600,000. Application Deadline : July 29, 2022. More Information : Click on . Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection: Alternative Fuels Incentive Grant (Funding Source: General Fund) Who May Apply : School districts, municipalities, nonprofit organizations, and businesses in Pennsylvania. Use : To assist in a transition to cleaner fuel transportation. Funds : Up to $300,000 per applicant. Application Deadline : There are two application periods. The program will collect and review all applications submitted by August 26, 2022, and again by December 16, 2022. More Information : Click on . Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency: Statewide Victim Witness Training Project 2023 Read more

Matzie: Nearly $1.4 million awarded to boost regional apprenticeship programs

(Jul 14, 2022)

AMBRIDGE, July 14 – Nearly $1.4 million awarded to build and modernize Pennsylvania’s registered apprenticeship system will bring greater career opportunities to Beaver County, state Rep. Rob Matzie announced today. Matzie, D-Beaver/Allegheny, said the funding will give local students and job seekers a leg up in securing good-paying jobs by connecting them with trusted work partners. “Students and job seekers who go through pre-apprentice and apprenticeship programs benefit from early exposure to career information, real-life experience with trusted local employers, and a steadier path to family sustaining jobs in key trades,” Matzie said. “Securing this funding is going to expand all of those opportunities right here in Beaver County.” Matzie said the funding includes: $450,000 to KML Carpenters Apprenticeship and Training Fund to expand its Carpenters Apprentice Readiness Program to 100 pre-apprentices. $400,000 to the Pittsburgh A. Philip Randolph Institute Education Fund for the Breaking the Chains of Poverty program, which trains minorities and women for apprenticeships and entry-level jobs in the construction, manufacturing, energy and related industries. The fund plans to train a minimum of 64 students during the grant period and place a minimum of 48. $324,500 to Junior Achievement of Western Pennsylvania Inc. for a Careers in Skilled Read more

Matzie: New budget holds the line on taxes, makes important investments

(Jul 08, 2022)

HARRISBURG, July 8 -- State Rep. Rob Matzie, D-Beaver/Allegheny, issued the following statement after casting a “yes” vote for the state budget bill: “Budgets are never easy. We live in a big Commonwealth with many diverse needs. Finding common ground is often difficult. But there were numerous positives, especially to Beaver County, that made it easy to support. “Substantial increases for schools, libraries and community colleges stand out, along with fulfilling our commitments to our state and state-related universities. “Two important areas of particular concern – school safety and mental health awareness/treatment – received large increases, which should help make our schools and communities a bit safer. “Further, my legislation requiring the full use of LIHEAP funding was passed as part of the overall budget package, which will authorize the release of tens of millions of additional dollars to help people pay their utility bills this winter. “At the end of the day, this budget makes a substantial investment in our children and workforce, helps struggling families and funds the core functions of state government, all without raising a tax or fee. For me, that’s always a win, and an easy ‘yes’ vote.” The bill has passed the General Assembly and is now headed for the governor’s desk. Read more

Matzie introduces bills to strengthen state’s home energy assistance program

(Jun 20, 2022)

HARRISBURG, June 20 – State Rep. Rob Matzie today introduced a package of bills to ensure that more Pennsylvanians benefit from the state’s Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program, including a bill that would require the state to distribute all the annual federal funding it receives for the program and a measure that would implement the program year-round. As Democratic chairman of the House Consumer Affairs Committee, Matzie said he introduced the legislation to end the state’s harmful practice of withholding some of the annual federal funding it receives – a practice that has kept tens of millions of dollars from getting to families needing it. “These are federal tax dollars coming back home to Pennsylvania,” Matzie said. “We should use every penny. This program has never not been funded – it’s one of the few policy areas in D.C. that has consistently been supported by both sides of the aisle. People are struggling and the electric bill just went up. Something needs done to help families. This can help.” Matzie said his legislation would also broaden LIHEAP to provide year-round assistance. “As the last few years have shown us, cooling in the summer is as important as heat in the winter. People need help year round,” he said. The five bills in Matzie’s package include: H.B. 2691 – would require the state Department of Human Services to expend all of the money it Read more

Matzie: Nearly $600,000 secured for Beaver County housing programs

(Jun 10, 2022)

AMBRIDGE, June 10 – Beaver County housing assistance programs are receiving nearly $600,000 from the Pennsylvania Housing Affordability and Rehabilitation Enhancement Fund, state Rep. Rob Matzie announced today. Matzie, D-Beaver/Allegheny, said the funding will expand housing-related services at a critical time. “Everyone needs a safe place to call home, but the pandemic has driven up the need for emergency housing while reducing the out-of-county shelter options that previously filled that need,” Matzie said. “Part of the funding secured today is going to support construction of a new men’s emergency shelter. Other funding will expand rapid rehousing, rent and utility assistance, and home modification programs. All of these dollars will work to bring greater stability to families needing it most.” Matzie said the funding to Beaver County includes: $200,000 to The Cornerstone of Beaver County for shelter operations. $175,000 to The Salvation Army for a rapid rehousing program. $100,000 to the Beaver County Commissioners for a home modification program. $50,000 to Community Development Program of Beaver County for rent/utility assistance. $50,000 to Housing Opportunities of Beaver County, Inc. for reverse mortgage counseling. In addition, Matzie said organization in Allegheny County will receive $600,000 for housing Read more

Matzie: Nearly $400,000 awarded to improve Beaver County probation services, support rehabilitation, reduce recidivism

(Jun 08, 2022)

AMBRIDGE, June 8 – Beaver County is receiving more than $396,000 to strengthen probation services and fund efforts to help non-violent offenders return to the community through restrictive supervision and substance use treatment, state Rep. Rob Matzie announced today. Matzie, D-Beaver/Allegheny, said the funding from the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency will improve outcomes while saving taxpayer dollars. “In addition to improving traditional probation and parole services, part of the funding awarded today is going to support the county’s program to divert non-violent offenders away from incarceration and into highly supervised drug and alcohol treatment programs,” Matzie said. “Programs like these save taxpayer dollars on incarceration, while giving people a second chance to overcome substance use disorders, return to their families, and rejoin the community.” Matzie said the funding includes: $282,501 in Continuing County Adult Probation and Parole Grant funds to improve delivery of probation and parole services. $94,967 in Intermediate Punishment Treatment Funds to Beaver County commissioners for County Probation with Restrictive Sanctions for fiscal year 2022-23. $18,600 in unexpended County Intermediate Punishment funds. Matzie said that in addition to the funding to Beaver County, Allegheny County Read more

Matzie bills would modernize state’s home energy assistance program

(May 26, 2022)

HARRISBURG, May 26 – State Rep. Rob Matzie announced today that he will be introducing a package of bills to strengthen the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program, including a bill to ensure the state fully distributes the annual federal funding it receives to residents in need. Matzie, who is Democratic chairman of the PA House Consumer Affairs Committee, said he is introducing the legislation to end an arbitrary state practice that is hurting low-income families. “Every year, Pennsylvania receives federal funding for home energy assistance, and even though that funding arrives annually, the state makes a policy decision not to use all of it, but to hold some of it back for the following year,” Matzie said. “Some years, the unused portion is $10 million, but this year, it’s estimated to be between $50 million and $100 million. “This funding helps hundreds of thousands of people with a real and immediate need – paying the gas, oil and electric bill. That need doesn’t disappear after the state arbitrarily ends funding for the year. We need to do a better job of driving out those federal dollars – particularly now, with rising inflation and gas prices leaving more families struggling.” Matzie said his five bills would: Require the state Department of Human Services to expend all the federal money it receives annually from the federal government. Create the Retail Electric and Gas Customer Read more

Matzie: Nearly $440,000 awarded for Beaver County recycling programs

(Apr 29, 2022)

AMBRIDGE, April 29 – Three grants totaling nearly $440,000 will help Beaver County communities continue successful recycling programs, state Rep. Rob Matzie announced this week. Matzie, D-Beaver/Allegheny, said the Recycling Development and Implementation grants include $350,000 to Beaver County, $70,000 to Aliquippa City, and nearly $20,000 to Rochester Township. “Recycling programs are energy-savers, job-creators and sensible ways to preserve the resources we hold dear,” Matzie said. “Securing this funding is going to keep these programs running for the residents and small businesses that benefit from them.” Communities can use the funding for projects including operating leaf compost facilities, developing web-based programs on recycling for consumers, expanding recycling processing facilities, installing data-collection systems on recycling vehicles, continuing and creating curbside recycling programs, and developing educational materials to encourage residents to properly recycle. Through the grant program, municipalities and counties in Pennsylvania are eligible for up to 90% funding of approved recycling program costs. Municipalities that are designated financially distressed under the Financial Distressed Communities Act are eligible to receive funding for an additional 10% of approved costs. Grants were also awarded based on programs designed to meet current market demands for recyclable Read more