Bringing police and young people of color together

Last Friday I supported a unique event from the Leaders Of Tomorow Crew youth organization, in partnership with the Philadelphia Police Department to foster an expanded dialogue between young people and the police in the wake of George Floyd's death.

I continue to be inspired and impressed by these young people, who designed and ran this whole event. Not only did they make sure it was safely done in the climate of a pandemic, but they created a space where young people and police could connect as human beings, to have the tough, real conversations that have often been missing. And the police approached this with openness, thoughtfulness, and honesty to really make the connection true and indelible.

The conversation will continue and grow, but it was a truly memorable night. Big thanks to Oxford Circle Christian Community Development Association for hosting us on short notice out of the rain, to Commissioner Outlaw and DC Dales for their support, and all the officers and young people who made this happen. More work to do - let's keep at it together!