Solomon pushes back on rushed, dangerous election select committee

On Wednesday, the PA House State Government Committee on which I sit debated a serious and unprecedented resolution, HR1032, that could have wide-ranging implications for our elections in PA. It would create a "select committee" with would have the power to interfere in our election. As you can see from my questioning of the Chairman, who is also the sole sponsor of the resolution, this resolution is rushed, poorly thought out, and hyper-partisan on an issue that has been and must be handled in a bipartisan manner.

Frankly and unfortunately, he does not really know what is in his own resolution and relies on whispers in his ear to tell him what he should say. This is dangerous and disappointing when our Committee has, to this point, advanced important reforms in a bipartisan way during this Session. It is an exercise in pure political partisan power, plain and simple. And the people of our Commonwealth deserve better. You can read more about this resolution here:

Why are we rushing? Why didn’t the intent match the words? Why aren’t we using a current vehicle that we already have? Why is it happening in a purely partisan way? Read more in Talking Points Memo.