New 2nd Police District is finally open

I am so proud that at last the 2nd Police District headquarters is now in the 2nd Police District, with a new facility just up from Cottman and Castor!

This is something I have been pushing for since the day I started serving as your state rep. and worked tirelessly with Philadelphia Police leadership, the Department of Public Property and others to make happen. It is something the officers of the 2nd wanted desperately after years being crammed into a leaky building with their colleagues from the 15th on Levick and Harbinson. Now it is located centrally and conveniently to the people the 2nd serves. Not only do we hope this will decrease response times from residents and businesses-- a common complaint I hear in my office--but that it will mark a new day in the relationship between the police and the people.

Commissioner Outlaw spoke to me recently about wanting "community policing" to be a philosophy embodied by all those in uniform, and her team has been working with me and the Leaders Of Tomorow Crew to host events that continue a dialogue between young people of color and police (watch this space for an announcement soon).