Solomon spends a day helping haul trash

Keep an eye out for your new trash man for the day! I'm out all day today doing my part to help the Sanitation Workers of the Streets Department catch up on all the trash we need picked up from our streets. As an Army Reservist, I know how to drop what I'm doing to serve the greater good - right now we need all hands on deck to get all this trash picked up. See you out there! Big thanks to my crew and the Streets Department for letting me lend a hand.

Wow - I am hurting today! Yesterday I worked from 7 AM to about 2 PM hauling trash with this crew from the Streets Department and let me tell you - that is hard work. My respect for these men and women who do this every day is through the roof. My crew on the truck - Alan, Mason, and Melvin - some of whom have literally been doing this 45 days in a row! Absolutely my hat is off to these guys. They truly care about the work they do, and what I loved was how well they knew the neighbors - which house needed the can put away just so because it was an older resident.

I got soaked - a mix of sweat and whatever trash juice was seeping out of people's bags. I was hauling construction debris, diapers, IVs. The recycling program - whew - there's a lot of work we need to do if we're going to salvage this. I'd say 90% of recycling I saw was either put out improperly or was contaminated with trash and plastic bags. We have to do better if this is going to continue. Big thanks to Faruq, Keith, Carlton and my new friend, Terrill Haigler #yafavtrashman for their help and pro tips!