Solomon, advocacy groups discuss help for Afghan refugees coming to Philadelphia

PHILADELPHIA, Aug. 31 State Rep. Jared Solomon, D-Phila., landlords and landlord stakeholders have partnered to provide housing for Afghan refugees arriving in Philadelphia.

“First and foremost is housing,” Solomon said. “We all are partners -- government, city stakeholders, state stakeholders -- all looking to provide housing for our new friends. We are calling on all landlords to step up and help the mission and work with our partners to secure housing for our new neighbors. Beyond housing we need to provide food through Share and programming through PAL to our new families to help weave them into the social and civic fabric of our communities.

We are here to roll out the welcoming mat for our new friends and neighbors -- the Afghan refugees who are choosing Northeast Philadelphia as their home. As someone who served in the armed forces, our mission here is doubly important. One, we welcome Afghan refugees to Northeast Philadelphia with the hope and opportunity that this nation extends to all who provide support to our service members down range. Second, we honor the memory of the service members that died by continuing the mission and ensuring a home for American and Afghan immigrants alike.”

Joining Solomon at the news conference were Margaret O’Sullivan of Nationalities Services Center; Homeowners Association of Philadelphia landlords Victor Pinckney, a former Marine, and Harvey Spear; Cathryn Miller of Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society; George Matysik of Share Food Program; Rita Dallago from Pennsylvania Recovery Organization Alliance landlords; Capt. Krista Dahl-Campbell and April Thomas-Jones of the Police Athletic League; Pastor Peter Forshtay, a former Marine; and Andre Del Valle of the Pennsylvania Apartment Association.

Philadelphia International Airport is coordinating with the federal government and is a designated point of entry for evacuees from Afghanistan. It is the second airport in the nation to see passengers from the war in Afghanistan.