Siegel scrutinizes continued political games in failure of passage of gun reform legislation in the Pa. House

HARRISBURG, May 8 – State Rep. Josh Siegel voted for two critical gun safety and reform bills that both failed to pass the Pennsylvania House of Representatives due to what he called a “disgusting lack of bipartisan support.”

“Today the House of Representatives had an opportunity to pass historic and necessary legislation to give law enforcement the authority to prosecute the sale of bump stocks and trigger activators in the commonwealth. The Republican members of the House made the cowardly decision to side with criminals who want to be able to wreak more havoc on our streets with the equivalent of machine guns. They continue to put the people of this commonwealth at risk just for political gamesmanship, and I am disgusted. We have a right to be safe in our schools, concerts, and public gatherings, yet the Republicans are determined to allow the lawlessness and carnage to continue without doing their duty to protect our citizens,” Siegel said.

“We are all less safe because my colleagues across the aisle refuse to act on behalf of the public’s safety. They pretend that it is an infringement on the Second Amendment to allow prosecutors to go after the criminals who manufacture and sell these devices in our commonwealth, which is not only disingenuous, its deadly for far too many of our citizens,” Siegel said.