Shusterman awarded National Association of Social Workers’ Legislator of the Year

PAOLI, Oct. 28 – State Rep. Melissa Shusterman was recently recognized by the National Association of Social Workers for Legislator of the Year.

“We appreciate her commitment to tackling social inequality, including her efforts on college students experiencing homelessness, expansion of expungement, and addressing food deserts,” NASW said in a statement regarding the award. “Representative Shusterman addresses problems not only through legislation, but also helps constituents through her district office and hosts public events and media promotions to bring awareness to the issues.”

The award recognizes outstanding service and contributions of an elected official. NASW said Shusterman won the award because she has been a voice of the people. The organization believes that legislators represent society’s collective values and recognize when they enact policies that fight for social justice and against injustice.

This legislative session Shusterman, D-Chester/Montgomery, has introduced the Child and Adult Care Food Program Supplement, which would provide funds for food to care facilities for children and adults. Shusterman also introduced legislation to combat littering, promote recycling and was a co-sponsor on a bill called the LEVEL UP for ID/A Act.

LEVEL UP for ID/A would change provider payments based on outcomes of individuals with disabilities and autism, instead of services provided. This bill has many components which are all directed at improving the quality of life of individuals with autism and other disabilities.

“I am honored to have an ally in the National Association of Social Workers as we march toward a kinder, more caring world,” Shusterman said. “I thank them for this recognition, and much more importantly I thank them for their essential work.”