Shusterman: $35K awarded to historic church restoration project

DEVON, June 2 – State Rep. Melissa Shusterman, D-Chester/Montgomery, today announced that Mt. Zion church received a $35,220 grant to restore 10 stained glass windows.

According to Tredyffrin Township records, the church’s windows date back to approximately 1922. This grant will go toward the removal of wooden window frames and the stained glass as one whole piece, repair and rehabilitation expenses, and reinstallation of windows and wooden frames.

“Mt. Zion church played an important role in Pennsylvania’s history, specifically in the fight against ‘separate but equal.’” Shusterman said. “Mt. Zion church housed one of the most influential and powerful initiatives in Pennsylvania’s Black history. Families and patrons of this church who stood up against this unjust law ultimately assisted in the passing of Pennsylvania’s equal rights bill.”

This grant comes from the Keystone Historic Preservation grant program. The program is used to fund preservation, rehabilitation, and restoration activities of historic sites that are eligible for or listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

Questions may be directed to Shusterman’s office by calling (484) 200-8260 or emailing