Shusterman authors resolution calling for the impeachment of President Trump

HARRISBURG, Jan. 8 – State Rep. Melissa Shusterman, D-Chester/Montgomery, drafted a resolution urging Congress to begin the impeachment process for the second time against President Donald Trump.

Shusterman wrote the resolution after violent protestors stormed and vandalized the U.S. Capitol building in the name of President Trump’s false claims of the election being stolen from him. For inciting these heinous acts against our nation’s Capitol and waiting hours to deliver an insincere call to stop and more than 24 hours to condemn this violence, Shusterman urged fellow House members to support this resolution.

“This is not a partisan issue, it’s a matter of holding the president accountable for his actions. He fueled this week’s riot by condoning his supporters’ actions and encouraging crowd members to not let anyone silence them.

“What happened this week was a textbook example of domestic terrorism, and our president was the ringleader. When his attempts to override an election that was proven time and again to be legitimate failed – he resorted to orchestrating a full-blown attack on our Capitol after Congress officially confirmed Joe Biden as our next president.

“This is a blatant threat to our democracy, despicable act against every citizen and an extremely dangerous standard to set. No other transfer of power in the history of our nation has ever gotten violent or met with uncontainable resistance.

“An impeachment trial aimed at removing the president may seem superfluous with such limited time remaining before a new administration is inaugurated. However, it is a critical step to disqualifying the president from running for office again. Every U.S. president is allowed two terms, even if those two terms are not served consecutively, unless disqualified in some manner. Moreover, I do not believe that the number of days remaining in any elected official’s term should act as a justification to sidestep accountability or disciplinary action.

“I urge my colleagues, both Democrat and Republican, to join me in calling for his impeachment.”

Shusterman’s resolution is currently circulating.

For more information, contact Shusterman’s office at (484) 200-8260.