Shusterman condemns House resolution that may alter Pennsylvania’s election results

HARRISBURG, Oct. 2 – State Rep. Melissa Shusterman, D-Chester/Montgomery, issued the following statement regarding House Resolution 1032:


“District 157, I have received your calls and emails, and stand with you in opposition to House Resolution 1032,” Shusterman said.


“The resolution would create a committee with the power to investigate, review and make recommendations concerning the regulation and conduct of the 2020 election. This new body would consist of five members, three from the Republican majority in the House and two from the Democratic minority.


“Representative Everett, who proposed the bill, has stated the following regarding the committee’s proposed regulatory power:


“‘The intent of the resolution is to do this post-election,’ Everett said. ‘And look and see what was good, what was bad, what we can do better.’ (Source: The Washington Post)


“While improving the efficiency of our elections is a noble intention, this bill is written in a way that has caused worry and concern from legislators and constituents alike. In its current form, the bill leaves too many factors open for misinterpretation and potential abuse of power. 


“Despite Representative Everett’s statement that the intention of the resolution is not to implement any of its regulatory powers until after the election, this is not written outright in the legislation. In fact, the committee would have the power to subpoena election officials and pull them away from polling sites on Election Day. 


“Furthermore, if, as Representative Everett has stated ‘It [the committee] can’t make up rules, it can’t pass laws, it can’t do anything’ (source: The Philadelphia Inquirer) I begin to question whether the formation of this bureaucratic body will be effective in achieving much more than simply sowing fear and confusion amongst voters.


“Given that the dissemination of misinformation regarding the 2020 Election and mail-in voting is already causing stress for the public, I find this resolution to be both ill-timed and inadequately drafted. In its current form, it simply does not do enough to insure against the potential of overreach of power that has caused so many constituents to speak out against this proposal. Pennsylvanians deserve to have their vote counted as they cast it, not decided by five individuals of a 203-member legislative body, five individuals who would effectively speak for over 12 million residents of this commonwealth.


“I intend to uphold the sanctity of our elections in every capacity that I have, and protect the democratic values that we hold near and dear. We should use these attempts at misinformation and dissuasion as motivation to vote, and to uphold these values. Remember, your voice is powerful, your votes counts. 


“We will navigate any and all hurdles together, and fervently defend our right to free and fair elections.”