Shusterman co-sponsored resolution declaring September as International Underground Railroad Month unanimously adopted

HARRISBURG, Sept. 17 – The Pennsylvania House of Representatives unanimously adopted House Resolution 980, co-sponsored by state Rep. Melissa Shusterman, designating September 2020 as “International Underground Railroad Month” in Pennsylvania.

“Our commonwealth has a long, fascinating history of how we worked to free enslaved people through the underground railroad and it’s time we bring this to light,” Shusterman said. “Pennsylvania hosted a series of safe houses, agents, conductors and stations that helped freedom seekers secure their independence in Pennsylvania and elsewhere.

“Black history is a subject that is often oversimplified or swept under the rug, so I’m working on the legislative level to raise awareness and educate Pennsylvanians on this matter so we can continue making meaningful changes in the future.”

Shusterman added that Pennsylvania played a pivotal role in the success of the underground railroad as thousands of men and women risked their own freedom to help people escape from bondage. Additionally, the American Anti-Slavery Society, an interracial organization dedicated to the entire abolition of slavery in the United States, was founded in Philadelphia in 1833.