Shusterman advocates for extension on eviction and foreclosure moratorium

PAOLI, July 8 – State Rep. Melissa Shusterman, D-Chester/Montgomery, signed onto a letter with 43 fellow legislators urging Gov. Tom Wolf to extend Pennsylvania’s eviction and foreclosure moratorium to the end of 2020 and provide additional support to renters, landlords and home owners.

The moratorium currently in place is set to expire on July 10. Shusterman said that since a second wave of COVID-19 in the fall is possible, she will be fighting to ensure that no one gets evicted while the novel coronavirus continues to spread in the commonwealth and the country.

“I’m calling on the governor to extend the protections in place for both renters and homeowners as our future with COVID-19 is as uncertain as this virus is deadly,” Shusterman said. “We cannot expect all Pennsylvanians to become financially stable in the next two days while millions are still collecting unemployment compensation. We need a six-month plan in place so that people do not need to worry about homelessness while we’re still battling a global pandemic.”

The letter can be viewed on Shusterman’s website.

For more information, contact Shusterman’s office at (484) 200-8260.