Pennsylvania House Democrats are urging bipartisan work on their "Plan for PA," which advances the values of working, middle-class families in Pennsylvania with policies and legislation focused on putting people first and creating good jobs, providing quality schools, ensuring affordable health care and establishing a fair economy.

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Support the Plan for PA

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Pennsylvania House Democrats have a Plan for PA, a New Way Forward that puts People First by focusing on policies that produce good jobs, quality schools, affordable health care and a fair economy. Please work together to pass legislation that supports people first, not the wealthy few and special interests.

I urge you to enact policies that:

  • Protect Pennsylvanians' health and quality of life and ensure a secure retirement;
  • Grow our economy and create good jobs that support families and expand opportunities, not prop up an economy rigged for corporate special interests;
  • Give our kids a great start in life, with quality schools that prepare them for a life of learning and provide workers access to the education, skills and training needed for the changing workforce; and 
  • Make our tax system fairer by easing the burden on working families and ensuring that big corporations and the wealthy special interests pay their fair share.

Support the House Democrats' Plan for PA!

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