Pashinski, Argall celebrate state grants to improve Bear Creek Township infrastructure

HARRISBURG, Aug. 31 – State Rep. Eddie Day Pashinski and state Sen. Dave Argall celebrated three state grants awarded to support transportation projects in Bear Creek Village and Bear Creek Township today. They were joined by Bear Creek Village Mayor Walter Mitchell and Bear Creek Village Chair of Council John Parsons.

“It was a pleasure working with Senator Argall to acquire the funds needed to make the necessary repairs for several of the communities we represent together. The bridge along Beaupland Road has had many repairs and, at this point, needs replacement,” said Pashinski. “When this project is completed, it will allow for the continued use of one of the few main roads within Bear Creek Village Borough, which provides access to a large section of the community. Additionally, the new vehicles and the implementation of infrastructure improvements in the Forest Park development, including the reconstruction/repaving of all existing roadways as well as improvements in stormwater management, will go far in increasing the quality of life for the residents of Bear Creek Township. I am proud that we were able to secure this important funding.”

“These funds are highly competitive – only the most important projects receive this state support,” said Argall. “It was a pleasure to work with Representative Pashinski to secure these dollars for the Bear Creek community.”

“We have been persistent in applying for these grant dollars and we are very grateful and absolutely thrilled that we have now received this much-needed funding,” said Ruth Ann Koval, chairman of the Bear Creek Township Board of Supervisors. “This funding will help us to make the long-overdue repairs to the roads and stormwater infrastructure of the Forest Park development and will also help us to replace some of our township trucks that have become old and obsolete. I would like to thank everyone involved for helping us to acquire this funding. It’s great that this program exists, and it helps small townships like ours to get important projects completed without putting a significant strain on us financially.”

“The Borough of Bear Creek Village is extremely grateful for the LSA funding that was awarded for the Beaupland Road Bridge culvert replacement. This is to replace what was intended to be a temporary Band-Aid when the original culvert was destroyed during the devastating flood of 2001,” said John Parsons, Bear Creek Borough Council president. “The culvert serves a primary access road for the residents of our community and has required repeated repairs, especially within the last five years. Based on the size of our community, projects like these are not attainable without the critical grant funding and assistance from our legislators and their leadership, and we are thankful for the support we are receiving.”

Walter Mitchell, the mayor of Bear Creek Village, was also in attendance at the event along with Bear Creek Borough Vice President Jim Rogers, Secretary of Bear Creek Borough Billie Gillean, resident of Bear Creek Borough, and previous Council Member George Albert.

Bear Creek Township was awarded $165,936 for the purchase of two new trucks that will be fitted with super duty plows to improve the township’s efforts to clear away snow.

Bear Creek Township was also awarded $100,000 to reconstruct and repave the roads and improve the stormwater management of the Forest Park development. The project will upgrade Parkway Road, Woodland Road, Forest Road, Crescent Road and Sylvan Road.

Bear Creek Village Borough was awarded $225,000 to replace a damaged bridge along Beaupland Road that crosses Sand Spring Run.