Pashinski welcomes multiple grants totaling $2.27 million for 12 local projects

HARRISBURG, May 16 – State Rep. Eddie Day Pashinski, in conjunction with Sen. Marty Flynn and Sen. David Argall, announced today 12 area projects in his district were awarded state funding totaling $2.27 million.

“The state funding awarded to these municipal projects are for equipment, renovations and safety measures needed by those communities. The Commonwealth Financing Authority, which oversees distribution of state economic stimulant packages, awarded this funding through the Local Share Account produced by the horse racing and gaming industry,” said Pashinski, D-Luzerne. “The nature of these projects is to provide extra safety to the community and give peace of mind to as many people as possible.”

The grants include:

  • $165,936 to Bear Creek Township – Department of Public Works Vehicles and Equipment – for the purchase of two new crew cab vehicles. The first vehicle is a 2500 Chevrolet Silverado Crew Cab with a utility body and an 8-foot super duty plow. The second proposed vehicle is a 3500 Chevrolet Silverado Crew Cab with a dump body and an 8-foot super duty plow. These vehicles will help its Public Works Department provide better service to the residents.
  • $100,000 to Bear Creek Township – Forest Park Paving Project - The project includes reconstruction/repaving of all existing roadways in the development, as well as improvements in stormwater management. The proposed project will upgrade Parkway Road, Woodland Road, Forest Road, Crescent Road and Sylvan Road.
  • $225,000 to Bear Creek Village Borough – Bear Creek Sand Spring Run Bridge/Culvert Replacement - The bridge and culvert along Sand Spring Run on Beaupland Road has had many repairs and is need of replacement. The proposed project will remove the existing bridge, culvert, and impacted roadway and replace it with a 6-feet-by-8-feet concrete box culvert and new roadway above. Additional changes will include roadway improvements 100 feet north and south of the new bridge/culvert. When completed, the project will allow the continued use of one of the few main roads within the borough, which provides access to a large section of the community.
  • $94,157 to Laurel Run Borough – Public Safety Equipment - The proposed project will purchase a 2022 Ford F550 4x4 Dump Truck, a Salt Dogg Tailgate Spreader, and a Proplus Straight Snowplow blade. The truck would be utilized for roadway plowing, roadway maintenance projects, hauling stones, and assisting in maintain the roadways during winter storms for the 524 residents within Laurel Run Borough.
  • $265,385 to Plains Township – East Mountain Boulevard Roadway Improvements and Paving Project - The project will consist of mill and overlay of East Mountain Boulevard, pavement base repair where needed, and replacement of pavement striping.
  • $162,275 to Plains Township – Plains Township COSTAR New Department of Public Works Garbage Packer Project - A 2024 Freightliner 114SD Packer chassis truck will be purchased. A 25-cubic-yard Cobra Magnum Series rear load packer will also be purchased and attached to the back of the truck to compress the garbage that is collected.
  • $215,000 to Wilkes-Barre Township – Wilkes-Barre Township HVAC Replacement and Upgrade - The proposed project will replace the inefficient outdated HVAC system with nine new and more efficient PTAC units. The new and efficient roof top unit would be installed to handle the council chambers, while variable air volume systems would be added to each office. The municipal garage portion of the Municipal Building which includes the hallway and restroom, would also receive new and efficient heating units. 
  • $157,075 to Wilkes-Barre City – Bucket Truck Project - The proposed project will purchase a versalift bucket truck with attachments and accessories to meet safety standards as the current truck is antiquated and requires costly repairs. The bucket truck is an essential piece of equipment needed for the department to complete several tasks in the community.
  • $78,561 to Wilkes-Barre City – Department of Public Works Skid Steer - The project will provide safety improvements for the Department of Public Works employees and the residents of the city. Employees will benefit through less strenuous activity that would need to be completed when attending to removal of snow, debris/materials, etc. The public will benefit from improved safety conditions of public roads through continuous maintenance and the completion road restoration projects and creek clearing projects. The new skid steer will aid the department with material removal, recyclables, snow removal and road restoration projects.
  • $264,000 to Wilkes-Barre City – Luzerne County Flood Protection Authority Flood Protection Equipment Project - Luzerne County Flood Protection Authority is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the Wyoming Valley Flood Risk Management Project. The LCFPA has an aging (20+years) fleet of eight mowers, but only six are in operable condition. LCFPA plans to replace one of the mowers with a RC Mower TK-60XP. This will be used on the 40-degree slope embankments to safely maintain vegetation without risking the safety of staff members. They also plan to purchase two hillside mowers, two John Deere diesel zero-turn mowers, a New Sullair trailer mounted air compressor, which will provide power to various field tools needed to install closure structures and lean post pockets along openings in the levee during emergency situations, as well as a much-needed electric vehicle to replace the operations supervisor’s inspection vehicle. The proposed equipment will allow LCFPA to remain in compliance with the USACE on the flood protection levee.
  • $250,000 to Wilkes-Barre City – Volunteers of America Pennsylvania Housing Phase II - VOAPA’s Brian's Place project will renovate its property to accommodate six one-bedroom and efficiency-style apartments to be reserved for low-income households with mental health diagnoses. 
  • $250,000 to Wilkes-Barre City – Wilkes-Barre Family YMCA Multi-Purpose Room Transformation Project - Wilkes-Barre City proposes the renovation of underutilized space in the locker rooms of the YMCA into two multi-purpose rooms to be used by the community and the childcare center. This project will provide additional space for YMCA programs and activities to serve the increasing membership and program participation.

The Commonwealth Financing Authority, which oversees the distribution of the state’s economic stimulus packages to support public projects, awarded the funding through its Local Share Account. More information about CFA programs and funding is available at