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Madden, McNeill re-elected to Northeast Delegation leadership; Kosierowski added to leadership team

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Guzman: Appropriations Hearing Recap

(1 hour ago)

Pa. state Rep. Manny Guzman shares an overview of this week’s House Appropriations Committee budget hearings and invites community members to his virtual town hall addressing many of these issues on Wednesday, March 29th! Read more

Siegel responds to double fatal shooting in Allentown

(1 hour ago)

“These horrible and deadly shooting situations are unfortunately becoming all too common across Pennsylvania. We must do more at the state level to stem the tide of gun violence," Siegel said. Read more

Probst, MyCIL to offer disability outreach April 5

(23 hours ago)

“I’m glad that my office can offer this valuable outreach program in conjunction with the Center for Independent Living. It’s a way to help people access local, county and state services that are best suited to their needs,” said Probst. Read more

Guzman: Fresh Produce for All

(1 day ago)

Pa. state Rep. Manny Guzman questioned the Secretary of Agriculture, Russell Redding, about the Fresh Food Initiative and how this year’s budget proposal reflects the fresh produce needs of residents living in Reading, Pennsylvania. There’s roughly 10,000 people living in the City of Reading without access to fresh fruits and vegetables, a number that needs to be reduced tremendously. Read more

Guzman: Higher Education for Latinos

(1 day ago)

At a House Appropriations Committee budget hearing, Pa. state Rep. Manny Guzman addresses the issue of underrepresentation of Latino communities on college campuses and how we can implement methods to change this. Latinos are the fastest growing demographic in the commonwealth, with 1.5 million Latinos in Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania’s losing the competitive battle against states like New York, Maryland, and New Jersey when it comes to tuition cost. It’s time to make college more affordable for all. Read more

Probst Questions Funding of Cyber Charter Schools

(1 day ago)

At a House Democratic Policy Committee hearing on charter school reimbursements, Pa. state Rep. Tarah Probst highlights how the largely unregulated funding of cyber charter schools is draining resources from school districts like the Stroudsburg Area School District and negatively affecting taxpayers. Read more

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PPL rates drawing attention in Harrisburg

(1 day ago)

Rep. Haddock is calling for a State House investigation. He says that idea has support from other lawmakers. Read more

Reform for charter reimbursement necessary in PA, testifiers say

(1 day ago)

“Tax hikes will continue to devastate homeowners and local businesses, not only in my district but also in many districts across the state, until we address the fact reimbursement for charter and cyber schools does not reflect actual costs. It should be the same rules across the board for all schools.” Read more

Cepeda-Freytiz to host Women’s Resource Fair

(1 day ago)

“My top priority is to bring resources to the community and this fair will certainly help women of all ages,” Cepeda-Freytiz said. “I want to help bridge the gap between state agencies and constituents.” Read more

Schweyer Questions Stability of PASSHE System

(1 day ago)

At a Pa. House Appropriations Committee Budget Hearing in Harrisburg, state Rep. Peter Schweyer, Chairman of the House Education Committee, questions PASSHE Chancellor Dr. Daniel Greenstein about the fiscal stability of the system and the potential to streamline degree programs to make a college education more affordable. Read more