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Changes to rein in abusive use of fireworks head to governor

(35 minutes ago)

“While I would have preferred a ban on consumer fireworks, this bill is better than current law. It addresses some of the concerns that have been raised in communities across Pennsylvania,” said state Rep. Mike Schlossberg, D-Lehigh. “I encourage anyone who uses fireworks to do so safely and follow state guidelines.” Read more

Bipartisan bills to improve mental health treatment headed to governor

(1 day ago)

"When somebody has a challenge with mental health, it likely has an effect on physical health. Likewise, when somebody has a physical health challenge, it can have an effect on mental health. It’s time we stop treating physical health and mental health separately and integrate treatments,” Rep. Mike Schlossberg said. Read more

Pashinski: We Must Protect the Right to Choose

(Jun 27, 2022)

Pa. state Rep. Eddie Day Pashinski believes that the government has no right to obligate women to adopt and live under the ideals of others, especially when it’s in a way that strips them of their personal rights. He says that a woman’s body is her business and only she knows what is best for her health and her family. Read more

Madden: SCOTUS Has Become Far Too Political

(Jun 27, 2022)

After standing with Democratic colleagues from the PA House and Senate at a rally Monday decrying the Supreme Court's decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, state Rep. Maureen Madden, D-Monroe, expressed frustration that the branch of government that's supposed to be the least political — the judicial — has instead become the most political. Justices who voted to overturn Roe, she said, perjured themselves, and Madden promised that the fight to protect women's reproductive healthcare, including abortion access, is only beginning. Read more

Schweyer: Protect the Right to Choose

(Jun 27, 2022)

Pa. state Rep. Peter Schweyer believes that the government has no right in come between an individual and their personal health choices. He firmly stands as pro-choice and vows to fight back against any attempt to remove a person’s right to choose. Read more

Madden responds to Supreme Court abortion ruling

(Jun 24, 2022)

"I am mad now, and I promise you that rage I feel – that rage YOU feel – will help strengthen our resolve. The fight continues. And I am here for it. Stay strong, everybody. We need you now more than ever." Read more

Schlossberg responds to Supreme Court abortion ruling

(Jun 24, 2022)

“I will not pretend to know the pain of women who have legally lost a part of their bodily autonomy. But a lack of understanding does not result in a lack of empathy. My job – as an elected official and a person who cares deeply about others – is to fight for them. I will do just that." Read more

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Roots Radio Episode 7 - Representative Kyle Mullins

(Jun 24, 2022)

An incredible conversation with Pennsylvania State Representative Kyle Mullins conversation about ALS, about advocacy, about family, and about this club that we never wanted to be in, but are grateful for. Read more

Kosierowski responds to Supreme Court abortion ruling

(Jun 24, 2022)

"The most personal medical decision a woman makes should be between herself and her doctor, not between a legislature or even a Supreme Court. With this decision to overturn, I much fear what rights will be on the chopping block next. Access to contraception? Marriage equality? Interracial marriage? It is a dark day in America when a gun has more rights than a woman.” Read more

Mullins: Help Struggling Pennsylvanians with Budget Surplus

(Jun 23, 2022)

Pa. state Rep. Kyle Mullins says we should be helping Pennsylvanians who are struggling with high gas prices and grocery bills, not hoarding a massive budget surplus in Harrisburg. Mullins says investing in people and supporting our communities is the responsible thing to do as we wrap up this state budget, we just need the GOP majority to finally agree to these priorities as well. Read more