Neilson meets with SEPTA officials to discuss challenges and initiatives

PHILADELPHIA, April 11 – State Rep. Ed Neilson, D-Phila., in his role as chair of the House Transportation Committee, met with Southeastern Public Transportation Authority officials for updates on the planned Bus Revolution and other issues concerning the public transit system.

The Bus Revolution is the first time in 60 years that the bus routes throughout Southeastern Pennsylvania will be updated to reflect the needs of a new population.  

“This is a huge update for SEPTA that will take the system we have now and upgrade it to run more efficiently, decrease delays and run more direct routes to get the people who rely on public transit where they need to go, when they need to be there,” Neilson said. “I look forward to working with SEPTA to implement these updates and provide support where it’s needed.”

Neilson also spoke to SEPTA about crime and quality-of-life issues – SEPTA reports that crime is down 5% across the system, and that crime on SEPTA is at or below 1% of incidents reported across the city.

SEPTA said it is responding to incidents of crime by hiring new transit officers, having them on trains with a special focus on student safety and school dismissals. There are also 30,000 cameras on vehicles and at stations with the ZeroEyes Pilot program to identify weapons.

Additionally, SEPTA Transit Police increased undercover surveillance and expanded patrols on system and vehicles that resulted in three straight quarters of increased enforcement. They also continue to utilize the SEPTA Transit Watch App, which had a 37% increase in usage.

SEPTA is the fifth-largest mass transit system in the country, serving 13,000 bus and trolley stops plus 285 subway and rail stations.