Mullins: $1M RACP grant awarded to support local renewable energy development project

JESSUP, Nov. 21 – State Rep. Kyle Mullins today announced $1 million in Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program grant funding for a local, renewable energy and waste-diversion project.

ReStream Energy will use the funds to develop a manufacturing facility in Jessup Borough that will convert cellulosic waste into diesel fuel and biochar for the agricultural industry. 

“I’ve always insisted that energy development and the protection of our environment don’t need to be opposing concepts,” said Mullins, D-Lackawanna. “This project will divert waste from landfills, produce diesel fuel domestically, and create local jobs; and it will do so without producing harmful emissions. At this moment when concerns over our environment and fuel prices are at an all-time high, these are the type of innovative projects we must be supporting and I’m proud to have advocated for these funds.”

ReStream Energy – in coordination with the Scranton Lackawanna Industrial Building Company, the economic development arm of the Greater Scranton Chamber of Commerce – will use the funding to develop a manufacturing facility to process cellulosic waste that currently gets transported to landfills in the region. This facility will use a green gasification process that produces virtually no emissions or other environmental consequences. The facility will also generate renewable diesel fuel and biochar for the agricultural market.

The facility will consist of a main building, housing a pellet operation, a gasification/fuel production plant and a biochar processing facility.

Mullins praised Governor Wolf and his administration for their support of the project. RACP grants are administered by the Office of the Budget and are intended to bolster community development and economic activity.