Harkins, Merski congratulate local fire, EMS companies on grants

Grants can be used to fund equipment, training and recruitment

ERIE, Feb. 3 – State Reps. Bob Merski and Pat Harkins today congratulated local fire and EMS companies who were selected to receive more than $240,000 in state funding.

“This funding is going to help ensure our first responders have the equipment and training they need to stay safe and continue their lifesaving work,” Merski said. “Funding can be extremely tight for departments, and I am glad we were able to secure these dollars to get more resources into the hands of those who protect us.”

Harkins said, “Our firefighters put their lives on the line for us every single day, and the work can be extremely stressful and dangerous. It’s my hope that this funding will make their work just a little safer.”

Grants awarded locally included:

Department                       Fire / EMS    City    Awarded Amount

Belle Valley Fire Dept.       Fire              Erie    $14,317.55

Brookside Vol. Fire Co.      Fire              Erie    $14,317.55

Brookside Vol. Fire Co.      EMS             Erie    $10,000

City of Erie Fire Dept.        Fire              Erie    $15,000

Emergycare Inc.                EMS             Erie    $10,000

Kearsarge Fire Dept.         Fire              Erie    $13,826.29

Kuhl Hose Company Inc.   EMS             Erie    $10,000

uhl Hose Company Inc.     Fire              Erie    $15,000

Lake Shore Fire Dept.       EMS             Erie    $3,000

Lake Shore Fire Dept.       Fire              Erie    $12,598.14

Lawrence Park Vol. Fire     Fire              Erie    $12,106.88

Lawrence Park Vol. Fire     EMS             Erie    $10,000

Perry Hi-Way Hose Co.     Fire              Erie    $15,000

Perry Hi-Way Hose Co.     EMS             Erie    $10,000

Wesleyville Hose Co.         Fire              Erie    $11,861.25

Wesleyville Hose Co.         EMS             Erie    $10,000

West Lake Fire Dept.         Fire              Erie    $15,000

West Ridge Fire Dept.       Fire              Erie    $15,000

Harborcreek Fire Dept.      EMS   Harborcreek  $10,000

Harborcreek Fire Dept.      Fire    Harborcreek  $14,071.92

The Fire Company and Emergency Medical Services Grant Program is administered by the Office of State Fire Commissioner and makes an annual grant program available for volunteer and career fire companies, emergency medical services and rescue squads.

Eligible projects in accordance with the 2022-23 program include facility upgrades, equipment, debt reduction, training and certification, education and public outreach, and recruitment and retention efforts. Additionally, fire companies were permitted to apply for constructions savings accounts for the purposes of new facility construction.  

All fire companies, emergency medical service, and volunteer rescue squads are eligible to apply for this annual grant program.

A full list of awardees can be found here.