Merski’s office can help residents applying under Pa. Marijuana Pardon Project

ERIE, Sept. 1 – The state Board of Pardons will be accepting applications for the new PA Marijuana Pardon Project through Sept. 30, and state Rep. Bob Merski wants residents to know that his office is available to help.

Merski, D-Erie, said the project can offer a fresh start for residents with minor, non-violent marijuana offenses on their record.

“The new marijuana pardon project can be life-changing for people who want only to resume productive lives in our community,” Merski said. “Convictions for minor offenses like these can end up derailing school and career plans, cutting off access to housing and other critical assistance and preventing folks from getting back into the fold of our community to raise families, be trusted neighbors, and give back.

“People convicted of possession or use of a small amount of marijuana are eligible to apply, and there is no limit regarding the age of the conviction. I encourage anyone who believes they may qualify to apply, and to contact us for help along the way. Our community is stronger when we work together to lift each other up.”

Merski said residents eligible are those with one or both of the following convictions:

  • Possession of Marijuana (Title 35 Section 780-113 Subsection A31)   
  • Marijuana, Small Amount Personal Use (Title 35 Section 780-113 Subsection A31I) 

The link to apply for the pardon is, and applicants will be contacted if any necessary follow-up is needed.

Those who are ineligible because of additional criminal convictions are encouraged to apply for clemency using a standard application available at

Although a pardon constitutes complete forgiveness, people whose pardons are granted will still need to petition the court to have the conviction expunged from their record.