McNeill issues statement on Labor Committee’s agenda

House Democrats walk out of meeting in protest

HARRISBURG, Nov. 15 -- State Rep. Jeanne McNeill, D-Lehigh, joined colleagues in protesting an agenda that she and fellow Democrats have labeled an outright assault on the rights of working families across the commonwealth.

“Today, I joined my colleagues in leaving a committee meeting because its agenda included a package of bills that blatantly attacked the rights of every working individual in Pennsylvania,” McNeill said. “Rather than working together on legislation, legislation that would propel Pennsylvania’s workforce forward, and legislation that actually matters to working families, the controlling majority would rather take us decades back in time.”

Today’s hearing held by the House Labor and Industry Committee was on the topic of “Public Sector Union Reform,” and included H.B. 844, H.B. 845, H.B. 2036, H.B. 2037, H.B. 2042 and H.B. 2048; bills that McNeill is against.

“Rather than move forward on bills that would have aided families from Lehigh to Erie County and everywhere in between, we were presented with a package of bills that undermine all of the value and effort hardworking individuals have shown, especially during the pandemic,” McNeill said. “We should be doing more for our workforce, not less. We should not be advocating for, nor moving legislation that guts our public sector unions.”