McNeill: $820,958 to aid in construction of new airport screening area

HARRISBURG, July 14 – State Rep. Jeanne McNeill, D-Lehigh, today announced $820,958 in Alternative and Clean Energy Program grant funding has been awarded to the Lehigh Valley International Airport to construct a new TSA screening area.


The program, administered jointly by the Department of Community Development and the Department of Environmental Protection, is under the direction of the Commonwealth Financing Authority.


“This funding will allow LVIA to undertake an important project that will be constructed in a manner that’s mindful of our environment and ensures a more efficient passenger flow for those utilizing the facility,” McNeill said. “Additionally, the immediate construction will enhance our economy and have a long-term benefit of strengthening and improving our communities here in Lehigh County.”


The Alternate Energy Investment Act was signed into law in July 2008 and provides for grants and loans for clean and alternative energy projects including buildings, equipment and land development activities; grants and loans to individuals and small businesses for high-performance, energy-efficient building projects; grants and loans for geothermal and wind energy projects; and grants and loans for alternative energy production projects involving solar technologies. A Commonwealth Financing Authority program, the High Performance Building Program provides financial assistance in the forms of grants and loan funds to underwrite the cost premiums associated with the design and construction or major renovation of high performance buildings in the state. The program is managed within the DCED Office of Business Financing.