McNeill: $17,300 state grant will ensure students are equipped for remote learning during pandemic

WHITEHALL, May 1 – A state grant totaling $17,300 will help put computers and other remote-learning tools into the hands of students who are unable to afford them in the Whitehall-Coplay School District, announced state Rep. Jeanne McNeill, D-Lehigh.

“During this pandemic, our students are learning online but not everyone can afford or has access to the technology needed for consistent and effective remote learning,” said McNeill. “These grant dollars will help ensure, regardless of their income, our children all have an equal opportunity to continue their public education from home.”

The Continuity of Education and Equity Grants – administered by the state Department of Education – are designed to help provide access and inclusion for all learners by bridging the gap for students who are currently limited in their ability to participate in continuity of education.

The grants may be used to purchase computer equipment, such as laptops, tablets and internet hot spots, or to provide instructional materials, such as paper lessons and coursework. 

Schools with the highest percentages of students lacking access to resources were given priority in receiving the grants.