Malagari bill to allow electronic fuel oil delivery receipts passes House

LANSDALE, March 25 – Legislation authored by state Rep. Steve Malagari, D-Montgomery, to permit electronic receipts for light fuel oil deliveries was successfully voted out of the House today.

"Transitioning to electronic fuel oil delivery receipts is simply about embracing efficiency and cost-effectiveness; it’s a win-win scenario for consumers and businesses,” said Malagari. “This legislative stride not only streamlines the billing process, but also encourages eco-friendly practices, positioning Pennsylvania as a pioneering leader in responsible modernization."

The legislation, which was brought to Malagari's attention by a local business, seeks to align Pennsylvania's regulations with electronic billing practices prevalent in other utilities.

"Moyer & Son is very grateful for the hard work of Representative Malagari in helping to author and pass commonsense legislation in the House,” a Moyer & Son spokesperson said. “The efficiency and accuracy that electronic billing will bring to our fuel oil customers are welcome improvements to our delivery process."

In contrast to traditional printed receipts, the proposed bill offers consumers and distributors the option of electronic receipts, providing greater convenience, accuracy and reduced administrative burden.

The bill maintains consumer choice by ensuring that printed receipts remain available at no extra cost, while electronic receipts replicate all essential information.

House Bill 1889 now heads to the state Senate for consideration.