Malagari celebrates passage of legislation to reduce the cost of AP exams

LANSDALE, March 21 – State Rep. Steve Malagari, D-Montgomery, announced today that his legislation that would make Advanced Placement exams more affordable in Pennsylvania has passed the PA House and now awaits a vote in the state Senate.

"In our pursuit of educational equity and opportunity, we must remove barriers hindering the advancement of our brightest minds," said Malagari. “We’re one step closer to giving every student a less-obstructed path to higher education.”

H.B. 1857 addresses an issue that was brought to Malagari’s attention by students from North Penn High School, who closely collaborated him with during the drafting process. Malagari said that the students’ insights and experiences were instrumental in shaping this legislation.

Drawing inspiration from states offering reduced or free AP exams, his legislation proposes the establishment of an Access to Advanced Courses for ALL Students Grant Program. This program would allocate resources to school districts to train educators and cover exam fees.

"By investing in AP education and supporting our educators, we equip students with the skills and knowledge essential for success in the modern workforce," said Malagari. "This legislation will cultivate a generation of competitive individuals poised to contribute meaningfully to our state's prosperity."

With Pennsylvania currently trailing behind many states in AP exam support, Malagari emphasized the urgency of passing his legislation to bridge the gap and empower students statewide.